23 week abortion?

23 week abortion?

23 week abortion?


I thought that you could only have an abortion when you are under 3 months. If she is 23 weeks, she is 5 months, almost six! It would be insane for her to do that! She doesn't have to abort the baby, I know that she already has a ten month old, but A LOT of couples are unable to conceive, and she should do adoption. I pray that no clinic will do that for her! At this stage the baby is moving and sucking their thumb! The baby is completely formed now. PLEASE talk to her, there is another alternative for that. And some adoption places will take care of all medical expenses. She needs to find one in her state. She could make another couple so VERY happy. To have a ten month old, and know she is pregnant and having the proof right in front of her face of what she is about to murder makes me so MAD and so sad. She should have known after one pregnancy you are more fertile. And what about the baby's daddy? Does he care, is he in the picture? What a terrible terrible thing to consider this far along.


How did she not know that she was pregnant before now? Terminations are only usually carried out at a late stage due to problems with the baby, but it depends upon what type of clinic she's gone to. If it's private then they'd probably agree to do it. I don't know what country you're in. I don't think it would happen in the UK, but I can't be sure. She needs sterilising for doing what she's done. The poor baby will be in such pain when it's killed and removed from her body. I think partial birth abortions are still legal in the US, but not in the UK.


That's terrible! I mean, I've heard that you CAN have an abortion after 12 weeks but it is just more expensive. As to how far along it is legally, I have no idea. I couldn't see how anyone could do it at this point. The fact that she already has a baby should give her some kind of feeling for this little one. Try to talk her into adoption!! There are so many women who can't have children. My heart is breaking for this poor baby. This is just totally irresponsible on so many levels :(


That is so horrible. I had a fetal loss at 23 weeks and just thinking that someone would want to get rid of their baby @ 23 weeks sickens me. If it is leagal in the UK up to 24 weeks, then yes, they will probably do it. I never been through one so I don't know if they do any counseling or if they have a right to refuse someone an abortion if it is within the legal range.


God let hope not, I dont know what the legal abortion limit is week wise, but I cant imagine it being past 12 weeks without a sound medical reason for doing this, at 23 weeks your right in saying she would've had to have felt this baby moving around by now..


They shouldn't. If a doctor is willing to do it this far along in the pregnancy, he/she should lose their license based on malpractice. That is horrible to even consider getting one at this stage. What I find most shocking is the fact that she has a young child already, yet would be willing to put another one through so much pain. I am 100% pro-choice, but not when it is this far along. At this stage, if she really isn't ready to be a mother again I would suggest adoption, not abortion.


The legal limit in the UK is 24 weeks but I thought that was in special cases for severe fetal abnormalities detected at the 22-24 week scans only?


Oh my goodness... How could she do such a thing and not feel horrible. Just the thought of it makes me sick. I am sorry to hear that they do this legally in the UK. That's awful. Has she already done it? I pray she changes her mind.


not sure where you are, country wise. But you get into diffict levels here in the states, trying to get one that late in the game. You should speak to her about keeping the babyand if she can-t handle it give it up for adoption. they will do them but it wont be easy to find a place most places stop at a certain week.



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