The last abortion clinic in Mississippi may close?

The last abortion clinic in Mississippi may close?

The last abortion clinic in Mississippi may close?


If it's ok to kill the baby before it's born, why is it against the law to kill it after it's born. Abortion is hypocritical. You can either kill or you can't. The clinic probably is having a harder time since wire clothes hangers are harder to find these days. The plastic ones don't bend as good. A woman that has an abortion has got to be one sick puppy.


The law, which was passed in April and is due to come into effect on Sunday, requires doctors who perform the procedure to have admitting privileges at a local hospital in addition to being certified obstetricians and gynecologists All this law does is assure that the doctors performing the abortions are fully qualified, and having admitting rights in local hospitals assures if there are any complications there is no issue with getting the patient admitted into the hospital to get the care she needs. If this is really about woman having the right to save legal abortions then Why are advocates of womans rights arguing against requiring doctors having the proper qualifications needed to perform safe abortions?


This law doesn't do away with abortions, just clinics designed to perform as many of them as possible in the shortest amount of time. If we're talking about the health of a society and protection of the health of women, I'm not sure that's necessarily a bad thing, is it?


The sad thing is that if any group of people need to be reduced in numbers, it's Mississippians. Good grief, there hasn't been a decent Mississippian since Jim Henson, and I still can't bring myself to believe he was one. Sad too, it's such a lovely state. The people are just too stupid to live near.


My aborrion clinic serves me cheese and crackers, I put it on my tab


The unborn babies are not part of women's bodies.


God doesn't like it when you kill unborn babies. Unless they're in the bellies of Muslim women while we bomb the **** out of their homes. Then it's ok.


People need to get over their morals and out of other people's business, everyone has the right to choose.


Forget it, if I click that, I might end up in... THAT part of YouTube...



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