I'll spare you the usual rhetoric about abortion and give you something else to ponder. I want to mention that my A key is broken and is unpredictble. Some thoughts: 1. why is tht when people miscrry 6 weeks into pregnncy, they don't hold full out funeral tht costs 10 grand? If it's "baby", they would. 2. Why is it tht people cn be aginst abortion but pro-freezing embryos for implntation when they can't conceive naturally? Are they less of "baby" if they are frozen? 3. How can people be opposed to abortion EXCEPT in cases of incest or rape? Is the "baby" less alive if it was conceived in a violent manner? My thoughts are simply pick a lane. You either support it or you don't. Furthermore, even if one acknowledges whether it's the right choice for themselves or not, doesn't mean it's the right choice for everyone. For example, I am pro-choice but when pregnant at 19, I CHOSE to have my child. He's a teenager now. That doesn't mean tht I think EVERYONE who is pregnant should have a bby. The same goes for others who make different choices. People have their own unique circumstances nd this issue doesn't hve a one-sized fits all answer.


Well it depends. How do you feel about it? Do you look forward to studying and spending plenty of money on college, and starting a life out that allows you to actually support a child right, or are you willing to give away almost all of it for a child. I hate saying this, but babies cost a lot of money. So does college, or basic life. I would say get the abortion, even though I would hate doing so. It's not because I'm being some douchebag, but how could I support a child right now. I would have to drop out of school. My life would be changed, forever.


AS you are asking this question in R&S, I am assuming that you what to know the religious or spiritual view. In Islam, one can have abortion in first three months, after that it is considered as murder.


If you have fifteen or twenty minutes free, and the subject of women's reproductive rights is something that interests you, I *highly* recommend you read this article: "Abortion": https://sites.google.com/site/alexisbroo... glen beck - "write down that it is murder !" Nathan - "I believe that human life begins at the moment of conception and that abortion is the killing of an unborn child. I also believe that a woman has a right to an abortion in a case of rape or incest. It's a very complicated issue with all kinds of different views" All such objections are addressed in the article. It's far too long to post here, but just for your two particular examples: ------------- "Abortion Is “Murder”: “Murder” is a legal term, and if you wish to use the word “murder” in its literal context, you need to adhere to its legal definition. There is, of course, the colloquial use of “murder”, as in “meat is murder”, “this traffic is murder”, or “the Broncos got murdered during the Super Bowl”. But this is not the context people are speaking in when they refer to abortion being “murder”. And, in the legal context, “murder” is the unlawful killing of a person with malice aforethought. Abortion is not unlawful. Abortion does not kill a person. And abortion does not, except in rare cases I suppose, involve malice. So, abortion does not fit the definition of “murder” any more than it fits the definition of “jaywalking”. And, you have to admit, “abortion is jaywalking” sounds pretty damn stupid. Well, so does “abortion is murder”." ------------- "Abortion Being Acceptable In Cases Of Rape: This is one of my favourites, and you'll see why very soon. With the exception of the most devoutly religious, many, I would even certainly say most, Lifers, sometimes begrudgingly, many times freely, admit that, though they are opposed to abortion and in favour of the fetus' right to live, they will make an exception and concede that abortion is acceptable in cases where the conception is the result of rape or incest (although exactly why incest is included as an exception, I do not know, since conception as a result of an incestuous relationship is in no way a guarantee that the fetus will have genetic defects, which, in principle, shouldn't matter anyway). While this may, on the face of it, appear hypocritical, albeit compassionately so, what it is in reality is a revelation of their true motives. If your opposition to abortion is genuinely predicated upon the contention that a fetus has some sort of right to life, and that this right is not only equal to that of a person's, but actually supersedes a woman's right to dominion over her own body, then the circumstances of the conception are completely irrelevant. How does the fact that the woman was raped make the slightest bit of difference when it comes to the fetus' right to live? Does having a rapist for a father, or parents who are related by blood for that matter, somehow make someone less of a person? In this instance, Lifers are almost pitiably trapped by the horrific idea of forcing a woman who did not consent to sex in the first place to be once again violated by being forced to gestate a fetus she had no say in creating. However, by making the exception that abortion is legally acceptable in cases of rape, they are unwittingly revealing that their motives are not, in fact, based upon any supposed rights of the fetus, but are instead based on their desire to punish women who engage in sexual activity that they disapprove of. The few Lifers who stick to their principles and say that abortion is unacceptable even in cases of rape, although basing their position on an argument that, if you've read this dissertation all the way from the beginning, is clearly untenable by any logical standard, are actually motivated by the fetus' (or embryo's, or zygote's) supposed right to life. Those who make exceptions for rape have made their true motives blatantly obvious." Addendum: Lightning From The East - "Since when do we kill someone who's only "crime" was being brought into existence via the copulation of his or her parents?" A fetus is not a "someone". "Objections Answered" I invite you to read my dissertation on abortion, in its entirety, and *then* see if you have any "objections" to abortion remaining. This invitation is open to anyone and everyone. If there happens to be a single argument against abortion that I have not successfully refuted, I would like to remedy that.


Women gave up the "choice" about whether or not to have a child when they spread their legs. After they spread their legs it is not choice, but it is a life and killing it is murder. Murder is not a legal term as an earlier poster stated. It is a term centered on morality. Just because murder is legal , doesn't make it not murder and doesn't mean that you are not morally accountable form the murder.


I believe that human life begins at the moment of conception and that abortion is the killing of an unborn child. I also believe that a woman has a right to an abortion in a case of rape or incest. It's a very complicated issue with all kinds of different views.


There is a huge different between a fetus and an embryo. One is a non-self sustainable organ. The other is a self sustainable organism. One has live the other does not.


The world has many helpful people who will support women who are pregnant and couples will accept their babies as their own if the woman doesn't want to keep it.


Im against the idea of late term abortion but normal abortion is fine by me. I think its a huge joke pro-lifers thin pro-choice is pro-abortion, which its not even close to that. They are more so pro-life plus pro-choice and pro-freedom. Pro-life is just anti-freedom.



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