10 Arguments for abortion?

10 Arguments for abortion?

10 Arguments for abortion?


There are not 10 good reasons for abortion. Tell the class that.



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it depends on the skill of the doctor and type of abortion. there are surgical abortions and induced abortions. both are safe, but sometimes surgical doesnt do the trick (only from inexperienced drs) and you end up having a birth with abnormalities. if it's something you must do, i'm for it...

Do any feminist organisations fund students who agree to becom abortion docs?
some feminist organizations find students to become abortion doctors so in answer to your question, do they find students, the answer is yes. Or did you mean, do they FINE students? How much would they fine them? Like, $450? That's about the fine of parking in a disabled parking space without...

What does the Church say about abortion?
What church the church says about anything is completely beside the point. WHAT THE bIBLE SAYS IS WHAT MATTERS. And when you ask what the church says, we out here will have to ask you what church are you talking about? Just because it is named a "church" does not mean it goes by what the Bible...

Can pregnancy symptoms persist in lady with missed abortion or belighted ovum?
I had a missed miscarriage, i lost the baby at 7 weeks but did not know until i was 12 weeks when they did the ultra sound, i still had morning sickness i was still moody and i still felt pregnant. So it was a very sad day for me.. i was confused and so depressed. The hcg was probably gone...

I need to write a speech for ASL, and I'm stumped....?
Should the Colleges and Universities be the "training camps" for the National Football League? While baseball has it's own "Farm system" to "grow" it's talent, the NFL gets its talent from the colleges/universities. Is this fair to the colleges? To the non-sports students? To the athletes...