10 Arguments for abortion?

10 Arguments for abortion?

10 Arguments for abortion?


There are not 10 good reasons for abortion. Tell the class that.



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If abortion is legal in all 50 US states, why is there only 1 abortion clinic in Mississippi?
Mississippi House Bill 1390 requires that all physicians who perform abortions have admitting privileges at a local hospital and be board certified in obstetrics and gynecology. While all of the physicians at the Jackson Women’s Health Organization are currently board certified OB-GYNs, only...

I saw a movie at school were a Chinese woman was forced to have an abortion?
I am not sure this is what you want in an answer but here goes. America can not and should not be the answer to all things. The government in China instituted the one baby per family law in order to ease over population. Is this law right? The abortion rate comes as a result of the...

Addicted to abortions?
1. You can't be addicted to something you have never done. That's like saying "I'm addicted to meth, but I've never done meth". 2. Grow up.

Pro-abortion reasoning?
Pro abortion reasoning is an oxymoron.

I need to find an anti abortion clinic?
https://www.la-familia-inc.org/pregnancy... lists an Albuquerque Pregnancy Center