10 Arguments for abortion?

10 Arguments for abortion?

10 Arguments for abortion?


There are not 10 good reasons for abortion. Tell the class that.



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Free abortion clinics in the Boston, MA area?
Lots of people have babies who aren't financially stable. They also have them younger than yourself. The responsible thing to do is raise your child and not murder him just because you made a mistake. It requires sacrifice and changing your plans temporarily. They don't stay babies forever...

Do you think that MAYBE we can direct abortion questions and statements to the political or women's health sec?
i didnt read anything about the abortion post but i agree with you.. i lost a baby and cant get pregnant easily.. so it truely upsets me when these young wiper snappers get pg and don't want the thing.. so keep your damn legs crossed and grow up.. thanks for postin this. ha i love it

Does an abortion cost money at Planned Parenthood?
This is the Planned Parenthood site that will give you price, how they do it, side effects and everything else you may want. You also can call your local chapter and see, they wont tell anyone that you are planning one, if you choose to not say anything, and when they call they will say its...

Making the abortion decision?
No one should not tell you nor make decisions for you about this. However, it is the doctors role to help you make informed decisions throughout this process, for example any long term effects of your uterus, or what are the odds of infertility once this occurs? and so forth. If the doctor...

Where can i get abortion pills in Ermelo town,Mpumalanga Province in South Africa?
I had no idea that you could just swallow a pill to abort a baby! Be that as it may, I suggest that you visit your local Municipal Clinic. I am sure they would be able to either assist you or refer you to someone else in town who could assist you. Alternatively, you can visit Ermelo's government...