How much does an abortion cost?

How much does an abortion cost?

How much does an abortion cost?


It depends on whether she rh negative or not and it ranges from state to state. All you can do is call and ask. Some places you can get it as little as $250 some places a lot more expensive. It also depends on how far along she is. Planned Parenthood can either tell you how much they charge or help you find an abortion clinic. Planned Parenthood will be your safest and most economic choice.


Does she want an abortion. some clinics do them for free. Don't know how your state operates, but you better make sure she gets some counseling before she goes through with this. Could cause some major mental problems and please get some birth control, condoms or no sex at all if you and her do not want a child and so you want have to have an abortion. Please. God Bless. I do not know the actual cost of an abortion. Call a local abortion clinic and they can give you the information you need.


Call planned parenthood or look in your yellow pages and call some abortion clinics and ask them?


it can range from around $400 dollars to thousands. You'll find it wont come cheap. bt here in england if you wait a few weeks u can get it free if u ever came here ?


man, i'd be honest..if you do that you'll regret it..when i was 16 (im 22 now) i got my gf pregnant and thought about abortion..but now looking back, im so glad that i didn't...i mean, yeah i was young and it was really tough..but seeing your kid happy is the BEST THING in the world! no matter how sad iam everytime i see him he just lights up my whole day..i wouldn't trade him for anything else in this world..and nobody can ever take him away from me, idc if its like the whole US army or whatever lol.. but anyway, it's going to be tough but im telling you man, if you abort that baby that's gonna haunt you forever..


well if you guys weren't prepared to have a should have at least taken the precautions to not get pregnant or you shouldn't have had sex. Because last time I checked, that's how babies are made!!


I would google it, Sorry I live in England and abortions are free here!


take the trip to new york!


Abortion is wrong, your baby is a human being, give it a chance. If anything, think about adotpion first.



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