Q: Is there ever a reason to have an abortion?

A:Rape, incest, insufficient funds to provide the child with the life it deserves, an already huge population of un-adopted children in the united states, mother ...Read More »

Q: Is there an unselfish reason to have an abortion?

A:If you were Christian and believed aborted babies get a free ticket to heaven, it would be very selfish to force the child to grow up in a corrupt world and ris...Read More »

Q: What are the reason not to have an abortion?

A:: If you want to be a parent or is ready to give it up for adoption. There are only 3 choices when pregnant. One. religious view: The main reason most people di...Read More »

Q: What is a good reason not to have an abortion?

A:: Because you can have a wonderful daughter/son to love and care for, and you'll be grateful for being able to have a baby since some people in the world cannot...Read More »

Q: What is abortion: brief background: abortion facts - when women s...

A:What Is Abortion: When making a decision about your pregnancy, it is important to have reliable abortion facts. An abortion is a procedure where a woman chooses...Read More »

reasons for having an abortion

Each year, nearly 1.2 million American women have an abortion to end a pregnancy. The most common reasons women consider abortion are:.
As well as a woman deciding to have an abortion due to her personal circumstances, there are also a number of medical reasons why an abortion may be .
the decision to have an abortion or a birth.6 Here, we focus.CONTEXT: Understanding women s reasons for having abortions can inform public debate and .
10 Reasons To Have An Abortion , because being a parent and being pro-choice are not mutually exclusive.
Introduction: The reasons given for having abortions are relevant to the policy debate on the abortion issue. In many countries, abortions are . Introduction - AGI studies - Issues with rape-related. - Abortions for sex selection
Why Women Choose Abortion - Reasons Behind the Abortion Decision.similar answers from women who identify why they ve chosen to have an abortion.
Abortion for social reasons is usually least acceptable to opponents.been used in the past to stop people with various genetic defects from having children.
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John McCain abortion question?
mccain might appoint supreme court judges to overturn roe v wade which would make abortion a state by state decision and definately not a good idea. imagine having to fly across the country for one because its illegal in your area... it will lead to many unwanted and abused children. abortion...

Misoprostol? Abortion Pill HELP!! question!?
Vomiting is normal, the same thing happened to me right after I swallowed the bits of the pill that were left between my gums and cheeks. What you have experienced sounds exactly like that I went through. You should be fine. It is entirely possible to have an abortion and not feel guilt because...

More expensive for abortion for more than one?
If you have twins it is the same cost. There are two ways to have an abortion, medical and surgical. Medical is with pills, you take one orally at the Dr.s and insert three in your vagina at home, it is like having a miscarriage, everything comes out in the toilet. The surgical one they give...

Movie around 1977-1978 a woman who gave her self an abortion in the tub with a coat hanger. Name of moive?
The Other Side of Midnight (1977) starring Marie-France Pisier, John Beck, Susan Sarandon, Raf Vallone, Clu Gulager, Christian Marquand, Michael Lerner, Sorrell Booke IMDb synopsis: Beautiful Noelle Page meets dashing World War II American pilot Larry Douglas in France and falls in love. She...