Q: Problems after abortion!?

A:She really needs to go to another doctor and get a second opinion. Don't go to the same place where she had the procedure done, but to a different reputable doc...Read More »

Q: Is there can be any problem after abortion of first pregnancy?

A:Abortion is a safe procedure as long as it's done by a doctor so there should not be any.Read More »

Q: Is there any problem after abort a five week pregnancy?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. with any abortion, problems can surface many years later ... physical and emotio...Read More »

Q: Are you having any problems after abortion, physical, emotional, ...

A:Hi Jill, I'm sorry you had to go through some of the aspects of the experience. If you ever would like to share your story, feel free to email me at DCHERYL51@y...Read More »

Q: Is there any problem after abortion , now ineed to conceive a bab...

A:Some pro-abortion people argue that having abortion legal makes it "safe" for women and that the overturn of Roe v. Wade would have a devastating impact on wome...Read More »

problems after abortion

There is a low risk of problems occurring during an abortion.After an abortion, the main risk is infection in the womb, which is usually caused by failing to .
The physical side effects after an abortion will vary from woman to woman. Although serious complications occur in fewer than 1 out of 100 first trimester .
Major risks and complications of abortion are described, with review the risk factors for psychological problems after an abortion.
Spontaneous abortion (often called miscarriage) can occur when problems with a .Food and Drug Administration allows this type of abortion up to 49 days after .
How do you know if you have complications and what should you do?. necessary if there are complications after medical abortion or spontaneous miscarriage.
Abortion-related complications are rare in the United States, but they do happen. Your abortion provider is usually the best source of .
Abortion - Before, During, and After an Abortion: When to Call a Doctor.go home with a page of care instructions including who to contact if a problem arises .
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How i can use arthrotec for abortion?
yes you can use it consult a perfectionlist

Why Are States with Higher Abortion Rates Correlated with Higher Incidences of Breast Cancer?
Yeah, I know. I know 5 sisters who were all extremely heathy and fertile, who all enjoyed complications free pregnancies and bore healthy children, except one of them. She had an abortion when she was very young. She suffers from a debilitating illness and her second born child is blind...

Spiritually speaking: To whom does abortion cause suffering?
Abortion is not a trouble free solutions as some like to think. Many studies have been done on that. Women with a known history of abortion experience MUCH higher rates of mental health problems and issues "of various forms" when compared to women without a known abortion history. And often...

Misdiagnosed momo twins and abortion pill at 10 weeks?
What are MoMo Twins? The term describes twins that are monochorionic and monoamniotic, that is, there is a single chorion and a single amniotic sac. The amniotic sac is the bag of waters that contains the fetus, while the chorion is the outer membrane. These are monozygotic twins that develop...

If Iam 12 weeks pregnant how will the abortion happen?
dear Lucy and temporary custody?(when everything will be going on well you can keep him\her without abortion)or at least give the baby up for adoption(even in an other country if you want to) cause adoption(so life)is better than abortion....then there's also open adoption so you can follow...