Q: Pro-life abortion article?

A:It is Life. Abortion does not make you pregnant, it just makes you the mother of a dead baby. Mother of a dead baby Life's beginning. Abortion, the great debate...Read More »

Q: Why are most christians "pro life" (abortion)?

A:Many of them believe life begins at conception. Simple. They're entitled to that belief. As long as they keep it out of laws and my personal life, I won't have ...Read More »

Q: Is the term "pro-life abortion" an oxymoron?

A:yeah.Read More »

Q: What is your opinion on pro-choice/pro-life/abortion?

A:Well an embryo at least for me is not considered a person. As long as the abortion gets done in the early stages of the pregnancy, the embryo will feel less pai...Read More »

Q: Are You Pro Life or Pro Abortion ?

A:Personally I shower every morning and night, but sometimes I get home so drunk that I decide to do it the next morning. It's my choice and you don't have to liv...Read More »

pro life abortions

What follows, therefore, are the best arguments from science, the law, and women s rights to advance the pro-life case against abortion. Arguing from Science.
Abortion ArticlesAbortion was legalised in the UK in with the passing of The Abortion Act in 1967. Since then there have been varying degrees of scrutiny of the .
The terms "pro-life" and "pro-choice" generally boil down to the question of whether the individual wants to see abortion banned, but there s more to the debate .
It is imperative that pro-lifers be ready to answer questions about abortion and the risks associated with having an abortion. The below information will help you .
The Tennessee state House this morning approved a pro-life bill that requires a 48-hour waiting period before an abortion so women .
Find information on partial-birth abortion, Congressional efforts, fetal development, euthanasia, and other human life issues.
About Abortion. On this page you will find information on some key abortion statistics and the various methods of abortion. See also the related Questions and .
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How Was Your Surgical Abortion Experience For You?
As a teen, I was sexually abused by my uncle off and on for 3 years. I became pregnant at 17 and decided to secretly have a surgical abortion without telling anyone. I drove my friends car and went to Planned parenthood, filled out a LOT of paperwork, and went to the back with a counselor who...

Um...aren't abortion clinic bombings a very rare happening?
Think you're right, abortion clinic bombings have dropped off. Perhaps people are preoccupied with other things, like wars or domestic terrorism or other such things that affect them more directly. Personally I always wondered how someone who calls themselves "the right to life", could set...

Abortion discussion with boyfriend, please read?
whatever you do don't have an abortion that is the worst thing you can even think about I mean the baby is innocent and didn't have anything to do with your problem and your not even gonna give it a chance to live i mean god gave you that baby so that you can give it life not so that you can...

Can you get an abortion for free ?
Abortions are not free and as for your parents not knowing completely depends on what state you live in

Can having an abortion effect future pregnancy's?
No! And do not listen to the propagandists. An abortion will NOT influence your ability to get pregnant in the future. If it was performed grossly incorrectly then you might have problems but the vast (vast, vast, vast) majority of abortions are done so methodically that any worry about future...