Q: Who Would Jesus Abort? Bumper Sticker

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Q: What are the funniest Pro-Republican or Anti-Democratic bumper st...

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Q: What are the funniest Pro-Democratic or Anti-Republican bumper st...

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Q: What is the meaning of the bumper sticker: "Atlas is shrugging? i...

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Q: What is the meaning of the bumper sticker: "Atlas is shrugging?" ...

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Recently, Live Action bloggers Kristen Walker and Kristi Burton Brown delved into a few common and misleading pro-abortion rights arguments .
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Popular Q&A

Can u get plan B pill for free from walgreens or ride aide? or any other pharmacy store? im 18 have insurance.?
Why would they give you abortion pills for free? No one gives ANYTHING away for free.

Can you get pregnant 1-4 weeks after an abortion?
YES! you are actually told not to have sex for 6 weeks afterwards

What is the law called stating that parents can force a child to get an abortion?
A parent cannot force their child to get an abortion, or any other medical procedure without a judges order. On the other hand, a pregnant young woman is basically in the process of ruining two lives, hers and her child's. The chance of having good lives...

Is there a way we could stop abortion? ?
The only way the public could stop having abortions is if no one had sex I am pro life but there is no way to stop it make it ilegal it goes underground. I am also left wing but hey. The thing is many reasons abortions are done are for selfish reasons eg womans body womans choice however it...

How accurate is the negative result after abortion?
If you had an abortion, you are no longer pregnant. Why are you taking pregnancy tests? Your partner needs to use a condom EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU HAVE SEX until you have been on birth control pills for atleast 2 months. Abortion is not a form of birth control. Please be more responsible...