Q: Who is/was Polly Bergen?

A:A radio performer from the age of 14, Polly Bergen went the summer stock-nightclub route befo...Read More »

Q: When is birthday of Polly Bergen ?

A:14 July 1930 , Knoxville, Tennessee, USARead More »

Q: Who bought Polly Bergen's cosmetic company?

A:lancome.Read More »

Q: Who all was polly bergen married to?

A:Polly Bergen: born Nellie Paulina Burgin; July 14, 1930 (80) Jerome Courtland (1954-1955 divorced) Freddie Fields (1956-1975 divorced) 3 children (1 biological,...Read More »

polly bergen abortion

Polly Bergen was one of the first actresses who "came out" about having an abortion. It caused major gynecological problems and she became .
Actress Polly Bergen was the first to speak Saturday, frankly describing a day 40 years ago when she was driven "to some little house .
Versatility can be a curse, but in the case of Polly Bergen, who has died.She was open about having had an illegal abortion when she was a .
Polly Bergen, discussing the illegal abortion in the 1940s that.As part of their strategy to make abortion illegal and unavailable, anti-choice .
In a six-decade-plus career (she started out as a radio performer at age 14), there are very few facets of entertainment that lovely singer/actress Polly Bergen has .
Her goal was to take the issue of abortion out of the realm of polemics.from those interviews and sit down and say, `Polly Bergen nearly died.
I heard actress and singer Polly Bergen s harrowing story of the kitchen-table abortion that cost her her fertility, and retired marine Jim Friedl.
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