Q: What are some poems about regrets?

A:This following site seems excellent: I'm Sorry Poems. We here at Perfect Apology believe that I'm sorry poems should be thought of as any poem that expresses fe...Read More »

Q: Which famous poem is about the recovery of the 'colt from Old Reg...

A:This is AB 'Banjo' Paterson's "The Man From Snowy River".Read More »

Q: What is a good poem to use about regret?

A:I am writing a novel, and I need a poem describing a teens feelings about something which he regrets, and has great shame. He knows now it is wrong, but he was ...Read More »

Q: What will the speaker most regret about death in the poem My City...

A:In the poem MY CITY, by James Weldon Johnson, theRead More »

Q: I regret having my abortion, are there websites i can talk to oth...

A:You made a regrettable choice, deary, but it's no one's place to tell you how to feel or make it worse for you, I suggest ignoring the rotten posts of people tr...Read More »

poems about abortion regret

This poem is for any woman who lives with the regret of having an abortion., Abortion Poem.
I haven t had an abortion.or a miscarriage, but this poem touches me deep down to the core.It was carelessness on my part and I regret it every day. But I ve .
My ex girlfriend decided to have an abortion, I did not want this to happen and so I wrote a poem to express my feelings, to say sorry and to tell my baby that I .
These are some poems written by women who ve had abortions.My regret is overflowing and my hell of my own device I chose to hide from the reality and .
"An Unborn Child": Poem by a mother who regrets her abortion."The spirit of life is breathed into the creation of the Eternal Father at the precise moment of .
"Abortion" by Mary Sharpe I m six weeks old today. A birthday treat for me. I have a pair of big, blue eyes. So one day I can see. Where are we going Mommy?
This woman has written a poem of her abortion experience and the regret that she now feels.
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Partial-birth abortions or "late term" abortions, can happen even up to the due date!!!!!!!!! Thankfully George W Bush banned them the moment he got into office (Clinton had allowed them). It involves delivering the baby feet first, and as long as the head remains inside, it's not technically...