Q: Do you know that Planned Parenthood is lying to you about the fed...

A:I also know that the ban won't save a single baby's life. I also think it's a way for the GOP to toss their sheeple a bone--because Bush and his bunch have NO i...Read More »

Q: What is partial birth abortion?

A:Answer It is when the pregnancy is too far along to do a traditional abortion. Labor is induced and the baby's heartbeat is monitored. Then before delivery (yes...Read More »

Q: What is partial birth abortion?

A:Dilation and Extraction abortion: It is when the pregnancy is too far along to do a traditional abortion. Labor is induced and the baby's heartbeat is monitored...Read More »

Q: How to Get Birth Control Pills at Planned Parenthood.

A:1. Gather up your personal information. You will want to bring a photo ID with you for registration purposes. You may also want to bring your last several pay s...Read More »

Q: What is partial birth abortion?

A:A straight no BS answer: Partial birth abortion is a procedure where the mother goes into labor, the baby come down the birth canal pushed by the mother's contr...Read More »

planned parenthood partial birth abortion

“If a baby is born on a table as a result of a botched abortion, what would Planned Parenthood want to have happen to that child that is .
overwhelming majority of abortions are performed in the first trimester of. upheld the so-called Partial-Birth Abortion Ban. Act of 2003 (the .
November 1995: The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act passes in the House of Representatives for the first.June 2004: In Planned Parenthood v.
Some opponents of HR 1833, such as NARAL and the Planned Parenthood. PPFA said in a press release that the partial-birth abortion procedure is "done .
Planned Parenthood from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which had struck down the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. The Supreme .
For the failed 1995 bill, see Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 1995.2006, and agreed to hear the companion Planned Parenthood case on June 19, 2006.
Loretta Lynch Defended Partial-Birth Abortions: The Phrase "Living.she once signed onto a brief the Planned Parenthood abortion business .
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Can one be pro-CHOICE and still anti-ABORTION?
Absolutely. In fact, everyone I know that is pro-choice is also personally anti-abortion. They just don't think they have the right to make such personal decisions for anyone else. The thing about the abortion debate is that the two sides are arguing entirely unrelated issues. Pro-life people...

Painful abortion? please help.?
I understand that you are angry with yourself, but i don't think you need to get a "painful" abortion. You obviously feel bad as it is. An abortion in itself is painful enough to your body and mind. Both will hurt, the medical abortion will hurt and you will have KILLER cramps and the surgical...

Does Empire Blue Cross insurance cover abortion?
Hey Soph, It depends on your primary provider and the indications for an abortion. It's best to call your Ob/Gyn first and see if they do the procedure or if they can give you a referral. If your selected facilities are "sectarian" hospitals...that's religion based, they rarely do abortions...

Should gender specific statistics decide what is crime against humanity?
1) Studies show that women initiate DV more often and tend to be the ones that do more of the serious harm (they use weapons). 2) No, the definition of rape excludes most of the rape that women commit on...

If a fetus survives an abortion...?
According to the Infanticide law(s) and testimony that NObama supports if the umbilical cord is attached then Planned Parenthood and baby killers would be immune from prosecution for killing the baby. BTW, I am personally opposed to killing abortion doctors and killing abortion facilitators...