Q: How much does an abortion at a planned parenthood usually cost? A...

A:At Planned Parenthood the abortion pill usually costs about $350-$650, the abortion in-clinic procedure costs about $350-$900 in the first trimester.Read More »

Q: What is the cost of abortion at planned parenthood?

A:Vickie Lynn is not necessarily correct. Most women report only a feeling of relief after abortion, and studies suggest that women actually suffer more severe an...Read More »

Q: How much do abortions cost at planned parenthood?

A:Both surgical and medical abortions cost $410. This cost includes ul...Read More »

Q: How much does it cost to get an abortion at Planned Parenthood?

A:Depends on which clinic, where you live, what procedure, how far along you are etc. Medical is $350-650 and a surgical $350-950 in the first trimester.Read More »

Q: How much does a Planned Parenthood abortion cost?

A:not sure if it depends on where you live but for me, I was only 6 wks the day I went in and took the pill. then they send you home with some pills. that was $40...Read More »

planned parenthood abortion cost with insurance

Planned Parenthood answers your questions about how medical abortion. Available from many Planned Parenthood health centers- Costs up to $800, but .
You may be offered the option to have an in-clinic abortion procedure, which is the.Nationwide, it can cost up to $1,500 for abortion in the first trimester, but it s .
Can I use my health insurance at Planned Parenthood?.and/or your private insurance are the only ways to pay for abortion care at a Planned Parenthood.It helps us keep costs down so we can continue to offer you affordable health care.
PPWP is here for you whether you have insurance or not. We offer a variety of low and no-cost programs to ensure you are able to receive the health care you .
Most PPH clinics take credit cards, and will work with your insurance if (a) your insurance will.Source(s): cost abortion planned parenthood: .
Here is a Planned Parenthood page on in-clinic abortion procedures.Patients cannot get any coverage for the abortion pill, which costs $475.
Price quotes from two of Planned Parenthood s abortion-providing.control due to cost, lack of insurance coverage, or inability to find a clinic.
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