Q: Referring to a picture about abortion, is this how the procedure ...

A:Okay, grossness ahead. After about 20 weeks, the tissues of the fetus are too tough to be pulled apart in the fashion shown there, and so the only way you'd get...Read More »

Q: What is the common abortion procedure?

A:There is two, medical and surgical. Common abortion procedures are a medical abortion where a miscarriage is induced by medication (up to week 9) and a surgical...Read More »

Q: Who does the abortion procedure?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. Your ob-gyn.Read More »

Q: How to Understand the Dilation and Curettage Abortion Procedure.

A:1. Understand that the dilation and curettage procedure is a medical procedure that is used not only to terminate pregnancies but to diagnose or treat other med...Read More »

Q: What is the procedure for aborting a baby

A:The dilation and curettage procedure is called a D&C. The D stands ... ...MORE...Read More »

pictures of an abortion procedure

These pictures are so graphic, that I debated on whether to post them. I finally decided that women who are seeking an abortion should know .
Before 6 weeks, an abortion leaves no recognizable remains. The tiny embryo is completely shredded in the process of the abortion.
Show the American people what an abortion is! Images of Developing Babies, Images of Abortion Procedures, Images of Aborted Babies, Healing After Abortion .
The abortion images below show some of the grim reality of abortion. Only seeing such images.Medical Illustrations of Abortion Procedures. Suction Curettage .
Know the truth of abortion from these babies Abortion that carries out this procedure does not share these disturbing pictures because sharing .
Listen to Abortionist Martin Haskell explain the partial-birth abortion procedure to other abortionists during a presentation at the 16th Annual Meeting of the .
Abortion photos of babies killed in the womb make the pro-life argument the same way that pictures of Nazi.Abortion procedures, partial birth facts. Pictures of .
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Dog - Abortion - Cost?
It will vary vet to vet. The best way to find out is on your break or when you get home call local shelters and humane societies and ask. You may be able to find them on line and e-mail them your questions.

Can a 15-year-old get an abortion in the state of Colorado without her parents knowing & how much does it cost?
You need to give parental notification in Colorado, you have to tell them but you don't need their permission. They usually cost somewhere around $300 - $500.

Are 30th week abortions possible?
Give him/her up for adoption. It's sad that you had so many abortions due to the fact that you can't handle a special need child. Theres a reason you were blessed with this baby but obviously, just because of an extra finger, ONE EXTRA FINGER, you won't give them life. SHAME!!

Should I support women's reproductive rights?
Lol. Good question! I like that you have clearly taken responsibility for your own reproduction - I wish more guys that really didn't want kids were as good at planning as you :p I look at it like this. You had control of your reproductive system. You made a very personal decision about having...

Can Christians be pro-choice on abortion?
Living as a Pro-Choice Christian The bible agrees with the pro-choice position that the fetus is not a human being -otherwise- god would have not been just or righteous having the infants carved from the wombs of the pregnant women he told his soldiers...