Q: Referring to a picture about abortion, is this how the procedure ...

A:Okay, grossness ahead. After about 20 weeks, the tissues of the fetus are too tough to be pulled apart in the fashion shown there, and so the only way you'd get...Read More »

Q: What is the common abortion procedure?

A:There is two, medical and surgical. Common abortion procedures are a medical abortion where a miscarriage is induced by medication (up to week 9) and a surgical...Read More »

Q: Who does the abortion procedure?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. Your ob-gyn.Read More »

Q: How to Understand the Dilation and Curettage Abortion Procedure.

A:1. Understand that the dilation and curettage procedure is a medical procedure that is used not only to terminate pregnancies but to diagnose or treat other med...Read More »

Q: What is the procedure for aborting a baby

A:The dilation and curettage procedure is called a D&C. The D stands ... ...MORE...Read More »

pictures of an abortion procedure

These pictures are so graphic, that I debated on whether to post them. I finally decided that women who are seeking an abortion should know .
Before 6 weeks, an abortion leaves no recognizable remains. The tiny embryo is completely shredded in the process of the abortion.
Show the American people what an abortion is! Images of Developing Babies, Images of Abortion Procedures, Images of Aborted Babies, Healing After Abortion .
The abortion images below show some of the grim reality of abortion. Only seeing such images.Medical Illustrations of Abortion Procedures. Suction Curettage .
Know the truth of abortion from these babies Abortion that carries out this procedure does not share these disturbing pictures because sharing .
Listen to Abortionist Martin Haskell explain the partial-birth abortion procedure to other abortionists during a presentation at the 16th Annual Meeting of the .
Abortion photos of babies killed in the womb make the pro-life argument the same way that pictures of Nazi.Abortion procedures, partial birth facts. Pictures of .
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Are there any free abortion clinics in illinois?
There is really no such thing as a free abortion clinic in Illinois. There ARE programs that offer assistance with payment of abortions though. Planned Parenthood in Illinois is the best place to contact for your questions. You may have to wait until you are 5 to 6 weeks along in the pregnancy...

8 reasons abortion should be illegal,?
Top 10 liberal reasons to have an abortion: 10. Because I forgot my condoms at school. 9. Because it is better for the baby to be aborted then to live on welfare. 8. Because the cure for AIDs will be found in the rain forest, and not by an aborted fetus. 7. So I don't have to tell my...

Where can I get an abortion in Dallas?
Planned Parenthood Surgical Health Services of North Texas, Inc - Dallas We are located behind Jason's Deli and across the street from Presbyterian Hospital. 7424 Greenville Avenue, Ste 211A Dallas, TX 75231 P: 214.373.1868 Texas Judicial Bypass for Minors Info...

What are the abortion laws in Michigan?
1.Is there a parent consent law for minors to get an abortion? Call a local planned parenthood to find out. 2.If so, is there ways to get around it if parents cannot find out? Go to another state. 3.Does anyone know of a place where they will not tell parents? Follow first answer.

Why push a social issue like abortion if congress will never make it illegal..?
that's one promise that Barry might keep and it's wrong! geeze, why stress abortion when the country is falling apart? he made it a campaign issue because of votes