Q: What is the nature of philosophy using as an example abortion?

A:I am a Philosopher, and your question, I'm afraid, makes no sense. I do wonder what prompted you to ask it though? You want someone to explain what philosophy i...Read More »

Q: How does abortion connect to philosophy?

A:beliefs. at least thats what I think.Read More »

Q: Which people and their philosophy fights the most for abortion?

A:People who are correct, awesome, just, fair, well-educated and well-endowed. EDIT: It gives them hope that they won't be stuck raising a kid they don't want and...Read More »

Q: What do we know about Judge Alito's judicial philosophy and his l...

A:Denise Burke: Judge Alito has a 15-year record as a court of appeals judge. He has written at least three decisions involving abortion, and these are getting pu...Read More »

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The philosophical aspects of the abortion debate are presented in the form of a number of logical arguments which can be made in support of or opposition to . Overview - Philosophical argumentation on. - See also - Notes
Abortion. This article gives an overview of the moral and legal aspects of.claim is supported by a common philosophical usage of the notion "personhood" and . Preliminary Distinctions - Personhood - Moral Aspects of the Abortion.
Abortion raises subtle problems for private conscience, public policy, and constitutional law. Most of these problems are essentially philosophical, requiring a .
Philosophical Abortion Essay. a philosophy of rights approach. by Rebecca Kiessling. Family Law Attorney, Conceived in Rape, Abortion Survivor. International .
Nothing stirs up controversy like abortion. To some, it carries the steep moral cost of destroying human life, while to others, it represents an inviolable bastion of .
Still, abortion remains the most divisive issue in the United States since the. rights- it s conducted by moral philosophers beneath the radar of the mass media.
The issue of abortion hinges on the question of personhood.
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Why is abortion wrong?
I do not believe it is wrong. Others may feel it is wrong because they believe a fertilized egg/zygote/blastocyst/embryo/fetus constitutes as person and ergo abortion is murder in their eyes. Some people may view it as a form of irresponsibility/avoiding "consequences", others may erroneously...

Bleeding six weeks after abortion? Help please?
i had a miscarriage in march i also took the abortion pill as well because my body wasn't miscarrying on its own i stopped bleeding 8 days after doctor told me if i bleed more then 2 week then there might be a problem it could be an infection due to some left over tissues or something so i...

Anyone know of any abortion clinics that are free, cheap or you can make payments? That link provides a list of abortion providers in that area. Call them all and find out their rates. You won't be able to find one that will do it for free, but some may offer payment plans.

How do people feel about pro-life/adoption bumper stickers.?
The pro-lifers are a group of the most idiotic people ever. Hell, even their group name implies that anyone who doesn't agree with them is pro-death. Hey, I'm for proper sex education, and abortion/adoption (completely up to the woman) as a last resort. But wait, I don't say anything about...

Does an abortion cost money at Planned Parenthood?
This is the Planned Parenthood site that will give you price, how they do it, side effects and everything else you may want. You also can call your local chapter and see, they wont tell anyone that you are planning one, if you choose to not say anything, and when they call they will say its...