Q: What is with these people who are against abortion?

A:I LOVE THIS QUESTION! let me tell you...prolifers do not give sshit if u are not ready or if you were rape and so on, they do care if the mother's life is in da...Read More »

Q: People who are against abortion?

A:I think it is okay for her to take a morning after pill. The mother's emotional well-being should also be taken into consideration. The Fifth Commandment is "Yo...Read More »

Q: Who are the people who fight against abortion called?

A:They are called pro-life. The ones who fight for women to have the choice to decide over their own bodies are called pro-choice.Read More »

Q: What is the name of the people who perfom abortion?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. Ob-Gyn.Read More »

Q: What if we made the following rule for all people who write about...

A:can't write about it . (John Bloom, UPI)Read More »

people who are for abortion

Each year, nearly 1.2 million American women have an abortion to end a pregnancy. The most common reasons women consider abortion are:.
They say that allowing this as a reason for abortion is offensive to disabled people- because it implies that they, and their lives, are less worthwhile than the lives .
A look at why women choose abortion and the most commonly given reasons why women have an abortion.
Your GP is one of the best people you can ask for advice about having an abortion. As well as being able to give you information about the procedure itself, they .
By Gudrun Schultz Almost all abortions take place because a child would be. 19% Have completed my childbearing/have other people depending on .
10 Reasons To Have An Abortion , because being a parent and being.and we also support people who don t want to become parents. I have .
The reasons women give for having an abortion vary considerably.25% said that they didn t want people to know that they had sex or got pregnant- 22% cited .
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Post abortion physical problems?
Google "abortion aftercare" for some pages on this. Cramps and bleeding are normal. You should be able to take some types of pain relief. However if the bleeding is too heavy (I think one pad/tampon an hour or something) or doesn't stop after a long time, call the clinic. Harriet

Can you ovulate 3WEEKS after an abortion?
Yes you can get pregnant after having an abortion unless you had your tubes tied afterwards. If you are ready to keep a baby now then you should have been ready to keep one 3weeks ago. Not judging, everyone makes mistakes. I just hope you make it right this time.... Good Luck.

Help me make a full sentence outline with efective counterarguments about abortions against and for it?
People? or ideas about it? Arguments in favor of abortion: Women have the right to determine their own reproduction. No method of birth control is perfect, and there has to be some way to deal with failures. Abortion, even when a baby is desired, must be available in case of threats to the...

Teenage abortion??
At one of the 9 Marie Stopes International centres: Telephone Consultation ?60 Medical Abortion up to 9 weeks ?395 Total cost: ?455 There is an 'Easy Payment Scheme' available. For more information, see: Abortions are available on the NHS, for more...

Is the Episcopal Church an abomination?
Well Over the years, the Episcopal Church has gradually accepted changes that have strained its ties with the Anglican Communion and have even resulted in schisms. In 1873, the Reformed Episcopal Church was formed over disagreements about the freedom to worship with non-Anglicans. In 2006,...