Q: Why are people against abortion?

A:Some people have different opinions. It is like you thinking one color is cooler than another. Plus, some people think it is killing a baby before it can even b...Read More »

Q: Why are religious people against abortions?

A:- Some religions are against abortion, mainly because the fetus (unborn child) is considered to be a living human being, and abortion is the taking of a life. O...Read More »

Q: Why are people against abortions?

A:I don't understand why people have to get involved in other's personal choices/beliefs. If an abortion is what makes someone happy, more power to them! Same cas...Read More »

Q: Why are people against abortion?

A:i was just watching something on my countries news about people protesting about abortions it was mainly religous psychos. Why is it anyones buisness if someone...Read More »

Q: How many people in world are against abortion?

A:I am! I wish more people were! EDIT: You can count the 4 other people in my family too!Read More »

people against abortion articles

10 reasons against abortion, pro-choice position.By the time you finish reading this article, 4 or 5 more innocent lives will be lost. God s plan for them will be .
She graphically described the details of various abortion techniques, including facts about fetal heart development.people is their receptiveness to the way anti-abortion campaigners have.Log in to discover more articles
This article sets out the women s rights arguments that oppose giving women an .Women s rights arguments against abortion- Abortion violates feminist principles.(In fact many of this group don t object to abortion- they want people to be .
I m a feminist and I m against abortion.Erika Bachiochi is an attorney and the author of an article in the Harvard Journal of Law.myriad talents we bring as individuals to our professions, our communities and our country.
When the topic of abortion is discussed, people tend to assume one of two standpoints: “pro-life” (they believe that women should not have the .
“At twenty weeks, people have been born and survived.charge that the battle against abortion is necessarily a battle against the half of the.a provocative article suggesting that Cuccinelli s position on abortion might have .
In this essay we will be discussing arguments against abortion.reference to “ God s eyes” is an Old Testament term used to connotate divine oversight of God in the life of an individual or group of people.Related Articles.
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What is the difference between D&E/D&C and partial birth abortions?
The information you've received from some about D&C and D&E is accurate so no need for me to repeat all of that. I will, however, inform you that a D&E is not the same as partial birth abortion. Partial birth abortion, (illegal in the United States) is called a D&X procedure and I'll spare...

What would MLK think of the dem ardent support of Planned Parenthood considering Sangers view on blacks and?
So what about Margret Sanger? Planned Parenthood isn't about eugenics, maybe she had her own opinions about it but that was 75 years ago. Despite (your) allegations of racism, Margarets work with minorities earned the respect of civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Besides in...

Punishment for abortion?
Lets follow this one out: Abortion is illegal - "It shall be illegal for a woman to seek or have an abortion or otherwise take the life of a fetus after conception." If a woman smokes, drinks, or engages in a dangerous sport and loses her fetus ("miscarries") should the woman be investigated...

Why is abortion not wrong?
I am pro-choice and here is why: 1. Whether or not you consider abortion "murder" is subjective. Everyone can have their own opinion on whether life begins at conception or not. But should your opinion force every woman who has an unwanted pregnancy to listen to you? No, it shouldn't. That's...

Where does Barack stand on the issue of abortion rights these days?
He spoke on the subject and has not shown a change of view (unlike a past Republican candidate who's view changed with the wind): For a woman's right to choose, with special attention to late term abortions being in question. For reducing the number...