Q: What is Pennsylvania law on abortion?

A:Statutory Definition of Legal Abortion in Pennsylvania: "M.D. must find, in his clinical judgment, that abortion must be necessary or that a "referring M.D. has...Read More »

Q: How to Protest Legally at an Abortion Clinic.

A:1. Locate the abortion clinic where you would like to demonstrate. These can be found by looking in your local phone book under "Abortion Services" or a similar...Read More »

Q: Where are the abortion clinics in Johannesburg?

A:100% safe, same day service, Pain Free. Abortions / Termination, We use Safe and trusted pills/tablets. GERMISTON CBD, KEMPTON PARK, PRETORIA CBD,midrand, RUSTE...Read More »

Q: What is the Average Salary of a Clinical Psychologist in Pennsylv...

A:Pittsburgh featured the highest average annual salaries for clinical psychologists statewide as of May 2009, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Psychologis...Read More »

Q: Why is Siri refusing to locate abortion clinics?

A:There's no clinic in the country that calls itself an abortion clinic, so this question is highly flawed to begin with. Apple isn't refusing to do anything. Sir...Read More »

pennsylvania abortion clinics

Pennsylvania Abortion Clinics - providing medical abortion, surgical abortion, and the abortion pill.
Surgical and medical abortion by pill available at Allentown Women s Center. approved by the PA Dept. of Health- Trusted by patients and doctors since 1978.
Harrisburg PA is home to Hillcrest Women s Medical Center a private abortion clinic.
Pennsylvania, a complete listing of Pregnancy Resource Centers located in Pennsylvania that offer abortion clinics information, free pregnancy tests and .
We offer surgical abortions up to 21 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy and. Women s Center was one of the first abortion clinics in Pennsylvania and has .
We provide abortion services in Pittsburgh PA - specialized in non-surgical abortion, abortion pill and surgical abortion up to 24 weeks. Offering a full range of .
We provide abortion services in Allentown PA - specialized in non-surgical abortion, abortion pill and surgical abortion up to 24 weeks. Offering a full range of .
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Pregnant 3 weeks after abortion?
It sounds like you need to be more careful. Even though you are on the pill you are supposed to use a condom with it for the first month so your pill can take effect and you still be protected. Its too soon to tell if you are pregnant, you may just be experiencing side effects from the operation...

Chinese woman forced by China's laws to have abortion at 8 months?
I believe the Chinese couple. I saw a video that made it out a few years back of China doing some murders, execution style. Lined a group of people up, young kids too and bang, shot them in the head. Makes you want to go to the local Walmart and buy some Made in China stuff right? (being...

My girlfriend is pregnant and we cant afford abortion what should we do? please help I'm desperate?
. Abortion by any method really would be wrong and a huge mistake anyway. Adoption could be easily arranged and would be much better. Abortions can sometimes give physical complications and problems with future pregnancies such as miscarriages being more likely. Common side effects (which...

Is Christian Terrorism responsible for the dramatic decline in abortion centers for women?
I will admit that there has been some terrorism. Eric Rudolph did bomb the Atlanta Olympic park and a string of abortion clinics. Several doctors have been shot and killed by Christian extremists. And there have been innumerable marches, pickets and other encroachments by Christian extremists...

I had a medical abortion 4 weeks ago and I'm still bleeding!!!!?
It's okay to be bleeding up to 6 weeks, as long as it is not severe bleeding that requires a pad every hour, good chances are that you DO NOT have an infection, it is just tissue that needs to come out, its not big or anything but its still there. Don't worry too much, I understand it's really...