Q: vitamin c and parsley abortions?

A:Parsley and Vitamin C will not induce an abortion or start your period. A single dose of both will not hurt you except for making your stomach a little upset-bu...Read More »

Q: Will vitamin C and parsley work to abort at 2-3 weeks?

A:Well. It depends. What kind of Vitamin C are you using? If it contains bioflaviniods, they actually work to PREVENT miscarriage. There's a great book called A W...Read More »

Q: How do parsley and vitamin c induce miscarriages?

A:Vitamin C producesan unfavorable climate within the uterus so thatRead More »

Q: Does parsley have vitamin c?

A:Yes, parsley has 133 mg of Vitamin C per 100 g serving.Read More »

Q: How many dosage of vitamin c will you take to abort?

A:None. Vitamin C can not make you abort. It only worked on mice.Read More »

parsley vitamin c abortion

A lot of people have responded with their experiences with the Parsley and Vitamin C herbal abortion method, and a lot of people are wondering if this is a .
Given the lack of access to bc and abortion in much of the US I would.And yes , parsley and vitamin C is all it takes, just make sure that you .
I found this recipe in a book called "A Woman s Book of Choices: Abortion, Menstrual Extraction,.When using vitamin c I like to combine it with Parsley. Parsley .
After having a terrible experience at the abortion clinic I knew I couldn t return for the rest of the procedure. On Wednesday 5/22 I started a vitamin c & parsley .
I never imagined that I would need an abortion.but I did, and I m glad I was able to.For 6 days I took the maximum recommended doses of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) -- 12,000 per day- on days 5 and 6 I added parsley tea and pessaries.
Parsley is herb that we use every day and one that can be used to help stimulate a miscarriage. Parsley has vitamin C, and this is what helps the herb complete .
“The Romans are said to have used parsley at orgies to cover up the smell of.I mean it s just Vitamin C—it can t be that dangerous and I m not .
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