Q: What are some other choices rather than abortions?

A:Abortion is never the solution. It is murder. You have the power to kill a life or give life. Give life. I am adopted. Life is so delicate and beautiful. I than...Read More »

Q: Other than Abortions, what are Democrats "Pro Choice" about?

A:Theyre also "pro-choice" about where you can stick your wee-wee. Theyre basicly pro choice about sexual behavior and unborn baby murder. Everything else in your...Read More »

Q: Other than Abortion, what are Liberals actually Pro Choice about?

A:I think you misrepresent some things. 1)Obamacare does have choice; you shop around State exchanges for the plan you want and can afford. Needing insurance is b...Read More »

Q: What are the other options than abortion?

A:To keep the baby or give it up for adoption. If you mean other ways then going to a clinic there are none that are safe and are sure to work. Either way it's ab...Read More »

Q: What is a better choice other than cup of noodles?

A:Have you ever had miso soup? It's delicious. You can buy instantRead More »

other choices than abortion

Information and resources that explain alternatives to abortion including various parenting arrangements, interim.The other partner is less than fully committed.
There are many abortion alternatives when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Placing your child in a loving home is the best other option to .
Learn more about the choices available when facing an unplanned pregnancy, including.What are the different types of abortion procedures?.Some states require that girls younger than 18 years notify their parents or guardian or get .
If you have confirmed you are pregnant, then you have three options open to you: .more about how other women felt when they looked at the different choices.
If i m pregnant then tell me that what should i do to avoid this baby.Is there any other option than Abortion.What are its side effects and risks .
Everyone has the freedom to make the choices they feel are best in life.women are able to hide their weight gain and growing bellies easier than others.
"Why do people erroneously believe that adoption and abortion and are.3. other choices would depend on the reason for the mom not .
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Threatened abortion?
First, I'm so sorry. I spent almost 2 weeks on bedrest at a12 weeks because of one instance of heavy bleeding and clotting that lasted a week 1/2 after that (though it was brown ((old blood))). I looked up this information for you. I don't have any advice-but I am now at 17wks1day... it sounds...

How do i get rid of my baby without ABORTION?
Wow. Now I'm not judgemental, and you're gonna do what you wanna do. But thing it's incredibly selfish of you to try to do that... It was your choice to have sex, no one forced it on you and you should of been using protection. You can't just 'get rid of the problem' this is something a little...

How much does political point of view affect one’s perceptions of ethical problems?
I think it depends on which ethical problem. I think that many people let their political party choose for them what they should believe. Take the subject of abortion. I feel like many republicans say abortion is a terrible thing just because that is what their party sides with. Same with...

Was suicide, rape, abortion and divorce a commonality amongst youth centuries ago?
Evidence is difficult. Suicide would not have been common due to religious rules. In Catholic Europe a suicide would not have been entitled to a christian burial and this would have lost any chance of entering heaven - very important in the days when the afterlife was viewed as a fact. Rape...

Is the canine abortion shot still available?
Ok, you can do the mis mate shot, but I wouldn't recommend it. The worst case is that you have a litter of puppies you didn't want, have to not show for awhile, and life goes on. It certainly will not kill her to have a litter and you just have to do the leg work to ensure all pups are in good...