Q: Obama quotes on abortion?

A:A woman's right to choose is a God-given right. A woman who is willing to risk her own life to prevent an unwanted child from being born will do it in Mexico ou...Read More »

Q: What do you think about the following Obama quote on abortion?

A:I'm floored. and disgusted.Read More »

Q: What is Obama's View on abortions?

A:President Obama is Pro Choice, meaning he believes the government should stay out of people's bedrooms, and that personal decisions such as this one should be m...Read More »

Q: What are some quotes about abortion?

A:"Parting is such sweet sorrow." -William Shakespeare "Absence and a friendly neighbor washes away love." -Proverb "Greater things are believed of those who are ...Read More »

Q: What is Barack Obama's position on abortion?

A:A pro-choice advocate, Barack Obama has said that if elected he would make preserving a women's right to choose a priority and would oppose any constitutional a...Read More »

obama quote on abortion

At an event in Washington last night, President Barack Obama told his liberal, pro -abortion supporters who are member of his political group .
131 quotes have been tagged as abortion: George Carlin: How come stand in front of Obama s death panel so his bureaucrats can decide, based .
I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don t want them punished with a baby." - Barack Obama quotes from .
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THE AUDACITY OF TRUTH - OBAMA IN HIS OWN WORDS (QUOTES).I may be opposed to abortion for religious reasons, but if I seek to pass a law banning .
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2012 Presidential Candidate Barack Obama on Abortion. Nov 8, 20162016 Presidential Election
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Pro-lifers, do you support the death penalty? Do you support violence against doctors who perform abortions?
I am pro-life but do not support the death penalty or violence against doctors. I believe in being pro-life, pro-forgiveness, and anti-judging. God bless.

A catholic view in abortion?
The catholic catechism (an official document) can be found at The part about abortion can be found at It says the following: "Abortion 2270 Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the...

Where can the abortion pill be purchased and how?
If you're in the US, you can get the abortion pill from Planned Parenthood (or any other abortion provider, but PP is usually cheapest). If you need help meeting the cost ask at the clinic for financial aid for low-income patients, or contact your local abortion fund. http://www.plannedparenthood...

What is an early abortion?
Early Abortion is typically used to describe a termination of pregnancy between 5-10 weeks into the pregnancy. This is the best time to end a pregnancy. At this stage, a woman has multiple options as to what procedure she will have. She can, of course, have a surgical abortion, which is the...

How much $ do we tax payers pay for abortion per year?
$1 dollar is way too much, we most likely spend a lot more than that.