Q: Why is Obama pro abortion?

A:He thinks of babies as a punishment. Hence his speech where he said that if his daughters make a mistake he doesn't want them punished with a baby.Read More »

Q: Why is Obama pro-abortion?

A:President Obama is. not. pro-abortion. People seem to confuse. pro-choice, which means believing a woman has a right to privacy and to control whether she repro...Read More »

Q: Is barack obama pro abortion?

A:no he thinks its the womens choice not the government. that is pro choice not pro abortionRead More »

Q: This Is What Obama's Pro-Abortion Stance Will Lead To! Murder Is ...

A:Marine, you are not the only one fed up to here with abortionists. Any way you look at abortion, it is just plain murder. It proves how irrational, and how da...Read More »

Q: Does Vatican Newspaper Editor Claims President Barack Obama Not P...

A:Yup. There are putting words in his mouth and using circular logic. Also, that is called a lie. Vatican Newspaper Editor C...Read More »

obama pro-abortion

Like it or not, President Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion advocate to ever hold the nation s top executive office. This, of course, should have come as no .
Obama s nominee, Loretta Lynch, opposed the federal ban on partial-birth abortion in 2006. Neither politician mentioned the underlying reason .
Barack Obama brings pro-abortion history to white house.As a United States Senator, Barack Obama co-sponsored the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), even .
Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion presidential candidate ever. He is so pro- abortion he refused as an Illinois state senator to support legislation to protect .
November 5, 2008 – Obama selects pro-abortion Rep. Rahm Emanuel as his White House Chief of Staff. Emanuel has a 0% pro-life voting record according to .
The nation s biggest abortion business heaped praise on President Barack Obama today, in advance of his keynoting a Planned Parenthood .
1 day ago . Pro-Life Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been holding back the nomination vote until Senate Democrats stop filibustering the sex .
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Can the mirena cause spontaneous abortion?
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Sounds bad i know, But how much do abortions cost? Costs vary greatly depending on where you live and what kind of health coverage you have. I've seen the pill offered for free, for $250, and for $1200. It really depends where you're receiving your care as it is subject to huge price inflation. You...