Q: What is Obama's position on ABORTION?

A:He supports abortion "rights". Source(s): The Force!Read More »

Q: What is Obama's position on abortion?

A:Another poster linked you to the abortion provisions in Obamacare; essentially he supersedes the rights of practitioners to choose whether or not to provide abo...Read More »

Q: What is Barack Obama's position on abortion?

A:A pro-choice advocate, Barack Obama has said that if elected he would make preserving a women's right to choose a priority and would oppose any constitutional a...Read More »

Q: What is Obama's position regarding Abortion?

A:This is his view on abortion:…Read More »

Q: What is Barack Obama's position on abortion? , the official site of his campaign, explains the senator's position on abortion:Read More »

obama position on abortion

2012 Presidential Candidate Barack Obama on Abortion.Obama position on . Nov 8, 20162016 Presidential Election
Compare Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on Abortion.Profiles.Issues.I . Nov 8, 20162016 Presidential Election
But some Republicans said this week that they will look to highlight Democratic positions on abortion rights as part of their electoral strategy.
[edit]. In his write-in response to a 1998 survey, Obama stated his abortion position as conforming with the .
But an unsigned--and previously unattributed-- 1990 article unearthed by Politico offers a glimpse at Obama s views on abortion policy and the law during his .
Asked about his own views on abortion, Mr. Obama said, “I think President Clinton said it pretty well when he said abortion should be safe, .
The issue isn t whether Obama s actual positions are prudent or.he employs rhetoric when talking about abortion that makes it sound as if he .
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The issue was whether a Texas law making it a crime to assist a woman to get an abortion violated her due process rights. There were also two justiciability issues: does the plaintiff have standing and is the case moot. The court decided that the case was justiciable because even though the...

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*** paintingj My body, my choice. Can you really argue that a women does not have the right to do what she want with her own body? &&&& Just to make a point. What about the father's sperm? How can women, say My body, my choice and abort a baby. Then also have the right to hold the father hostage...

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I am with you I think it is crule and heartless to put them on ventilators and force them to live. Maybe they just want to go back tot he source, where there wasn't any pain or bright lights. I don't think the age limit for abortion should be lowwered using viability as the reason to lower...