Q: What is Obama's position on ABORTION?

A:He supports abortion "rights". Source(s): The Force!Read More »

Q: What is Obama's position on abortion?

A:Another poster linked you to the abortion provisions in Obamacare; essentially he supersedes the rights of practitioners to choose whether or not to provide abo...Read More »

Q: What is Barack Obama's position on abortion?

A:A pro-choice advocate, Barack Obama has said that if elected he would make preserving a women's right to choose a priority and would oppose any constitutional a...Read More »

Q: What is Obama's position regarding Abortion?

A:This is his view on abortion:…Read More »

Q: What is Barack Obama's position on abortion? , the official site of his campaign, explains the senator's position on abortion:Read More »

obama position on abortion

2012 Presidential Candidate Barack Obama on Abortion.Obama position on . Nov 8, 20162016 Presidential Election
Compare Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on Abortion.Profiles.Issues.I . Nov 8, 20162016 Presidential Election
But some Republicans said this week that they will look to highlight Democratic positions on abortion rights as part of their electoral strategy.
[edit]. In his write-in response to a 1998 survey, Obama stated his abortion position as conforming with the .
But an unsigned--and previously unattributed-- 1990 article unearthed by Politico offers a glimpse at Obama s views on abortion policy and the law during his .
Asked about his own views on abortion, Mr. Obama said, “I think President Clinton said it pretty well when he said abortion should be safe, .
The issue isn t whether Obama s actual positions are prudent or.he employs rhetoric when talking about abortion that makes it sound as if he .
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What is your opinion on the following: Abortion doesn't kill people. Unaborted babies kill people?
This is an excellent point developed in the book "Freakonomics" (Steven Levitt, Stephen Dubner). The book traces a decrease in crime to the Roe vs. Wade decision, noting that women often choose abortion if they aren't able to support a child. Before, these children were born to a woman who...

What are the side effects of an abortion at two months?
First off, I'm really sorry that any of this happened to you. I'm glad that you made the right choice for you and are moving on. In terms of side effects, it depends on the kind of abortion you had. If you had the kind of abortion where you took a pill--hormone- or chemical-induced--then you...

Is there any pills for abortion instead of surgery? If it does, any time line requires for it? Where to get it?
A suggestion . . . . Provoke a period when you are due, it can even work if you are a bit late (even if you are 17 days late this can still work). You can do this by using Vitamin C. Take 6-12 grams of ascorbic acid - vitamin C a day for 5-10 days. Specifically ascorbic acid. Do not use vitamin...

What does Abortion mean to you? ?
Abortion is HORRIBLE! I mean seriously to kill a living thing that is so tiny that won't EVER get a chance a life is just... UGH WORDS cannot describe my hate for abortion! Its just sickening that people use it as birth control. How would you like it if right when you were so little maybe the...

Who is the 32 week pregnant abortion witch?
her name is pretty_yallaina (err something) there ARE some contries (like canada) that allows abortion in ANY week of pregnancy. so, i totally believed her. I started tearing up, woke up my baby and held him. here's one of her posts: ^^^^HELLO HER...