Q: Speech on Abortion Laws in NYC?

A:From what I can see for NYC the abortion laws are it is legal up to 24 weeks of pregnancy or when the mother's life is in danger. After 24 weeks it becomes ille...Read More »

Q: What Is the Law on Abortion in the UK?

A:Before the Reformation, abortion cases in Britain were dealt with by the Catholic Church's Ecclesiastical Courts. Following the Reformation, however, abortion p...Read More »

Q: What is the law on abortion in the uk?

A:History. Before the Reformation, abortion cases in Britain were dealt with by the Catholic Church's Ecclesiastical Courts. Following the Reformation, however, a...Read More »

Q: What hospitals perform abortions in nyc?

A:Call NAF at 1-800-772-9100, they can help you with where to go.Read More »

Q: What are the abortion laws in Colorado?

A:From Statutory Definition of Illegal Abortion: Ends or causes pregnancy to be ended by any means other than justified medical termination or birth....Read More »

nyc abortion laws

New York abortion laws are less restrictive than those in many other states, which often impose long waiting periods, consent requirements, strict facility codes, .
The New York Senate has foiled an attempt by Andrew Cuomo to drastically expand abortion in New York.
In 1970, New York passed the most permissive abortion law in America, one that defined the state as the country s abortion refuge. Overnight, a new industry .
ALBANY—Leaders of the Democrat-dominated Assembly said Wednesday said they were poised to pass legislation that would update state .
Supporters of a bill that would safeguard abortion rights in New York agreed. Other provisions of the act include boosting laws for equal pay, .
Abortion facts for New York.Abortion is a common experience: At current rates, about one in three American women will have had an abortion by the time she .
Abortion Laws. New York Abortion laws are open and non-restrictive. For this reason many women travel to New York to terminate their pregnancy.
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What is a good attention grabber for the topic anti-abortion violence?
You could point out that any violence against abortionists has been from individuals, rather then members of mainstream pro-life groups. Except in the case of Paul Hill & Jim Kaap, each person who has used violence against abortionists has been a fringe hanger-on.

What herbs exactly is used for abortion?
I have read that some Chinese herbs or eating lots of vitamin C will cause an abortion. Some even said that putting parsley in your vagina will help. Me, I have tried the herbs and vitamin c but it didn't work. I had to go to an abortion clinic. Therefore, I advice you to go to a clinic and...

Obama claims "gun control" should be implemented if it saves one life. Should abortion control be?
Ironic that he would support the murder of millions of babies, but freak out and take away everyones constitutional rights over a school shooting.

Can you get an abortion after 12 weeks ?
I was once in this situation and yes you can still receive an abortion at 12 weeks at Planned Parenthood. Though some states may not perform abortion that late in the pregnancy most do and if you have a planned parenthood near you than its legal for that state. However, abortions are legal...