Q: Non surgical abortion?

A:Medical abortion.Read More »

Q: Non surgical abortion?

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Q: Non surgical abortion.

A:Yes, it can take take up to 3 months to get a normal period if you had some retained tissue you passed later one. It sounds like you had retained tissue. You ...Read More »

Q: What is the cost of a non surgical abortion?

A:Around $500.Read More »

Q: Has anyone gone through a non surgical abortion?

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non surgical abortion

Myths and misunderstandings exist about the procedure -- so here are some facts about medical (also called medication or non-surgical) .
We offer two non-surgical abortion methods for women who want an early abortion option, including the abortion pill. Call to discuss your individual options at .
Medication (non-surgical) abortion offers an alternative to surgery for women in the early weeks of pregnancy. In Australia, mifepristone (RU486 .
Abortion by Pill offered at abortion clinic Allentown Women s Center in.Our non -surgical abortion process uses Mifepristone and Misoprostol to end a .
Candidates for non-surgical abortion using Mifeprex (RU486) must be less than eight weeks pregnant (56 days from last menstrual cycle). A non-surgical .
Planned Parenthood answers your questions about how medical abortion ends an early.Women may feel more in control — many feel it is less invasive.
We offer Non Surgical Abortion services for women in NJ, PA, MD, and VA. Get information about the non-surgical abortions like RU486, Abortion Pill, Morning .
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Signs of infection after abortion....? (slightly graphic details.)?
If I were in your position, I would contact a doctor. Your symptoms aren't normal, and the fact that you had an abortion recently and did not follow the recommended guidelines (i.e. no sex, no swimming, etc.) could have disturbed or irritated you. For your safety, see your gynecologist. Good...

Pregnancy signs?
i didnt get yr point ? r u worried that you are pregnant or u want to be pregnant? if u want to know that you are pregnant then it is good to go for urine pregnancy test( that you have already done) but sometime u have to retest because in body hormonal level is not enough that it can give...

Do you consider abortion to be a valid means of reliable birth control?
I consider termination of a pregnancy to be a valid choice, and yes, I know what it entails. Abortion technically *is* birth control- it prevents you from giving birth- but obviously, when we usually say "birth control", we mean contraception, which abortion is not- by the time you need an...

Diagnosed with suspected ectopic pregnancy/threatened abortion?
An ectopic pregnancy is where the pregnancy is trying to grow in one of the fallopian tubes instead of the uterus,the baby cannot be saved and will need to be removed surgically possibly with part or all of the tube. If it stayed there it would eventually cause the tube to rupture which could...

Despite promises Federal funding of Abortion in PA & NM - Will Obama uphold his Executive Order banning it?
When the funding went out this question became a statement. I am against abortion but even sadder is that we now have a president who's word is proven to be worthless. He quite simply lied through his friggin teeth. See what a free ride to Harvard gets you these days. It's like signing a treaty...