Q: Are there any abortion clinics near runnymede New Jersey?

A:Please, i know i may be a complete stranger, but believe me i have done plenty of research on abortion, and experienced second hand from family the guilt that y...Read More »

Q: Where is there a free abortion clinic in New York City?

A:In NY State, you may qualify for state coverage for abortion. Contact your local family planning office or social services office for information on income leve...Read More »

Q: How much are abortions in new jersey

A:Not Medical Advice: At the South Jersey Women's Center, the cost of an abortion can range from $430-$630.Read More »

new jersey abortion clinics

Metropolitan Medical Associates - Englewood NJ. Quality medical care and abortions for women with privacy, dignity and confidentiality in a safe and caring .
Abortion Services and Family Planning, serving New Jersey for 35 years. Abortion Services - Contact us - Appointments - Payment Policy
South Jersey Women s Center abortion clinic in New Jersey, abortion clinic near Philadelphia and Delaware. Offering abortions, birth control, RU486, early .
Pilgrim Medical Center - private abortion clinic in NJ. Pilgrim Medical Center, Inc. is the private practice of our two Gynecologists with over 30 years of .
Options for Abortions is an abortion clinic in New Jersey. Reputable abortion clinics in NJ offering medical abortion, surgical abortion, and birth control.
Women s Choice Medical Center, Hackensack, New Jersey offering abortion services.
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How can the ignored repeated violations and complaints against an abortion clinic not be an abortion issue?
If we citizens had to watch those full-term, innocent babies born and then stabbed in the neck until they die.....we'd all probably want to see abortion clinics shut down. The thought of that makes me sick. I just became a great-grandmother to a sweet, innocent, darling baby. I can't imagine...

Why is abortion immoral?
The abortion debate is simple. There are two sides to it.. Pro Choice and Pro Life. Pro Choice believers are those that like you believe the woman has the choice of whether to have a baby or not. If she is too young or isn't ready, she believes terminating the pregnancy is the best choice...

What are Noam Chomsky's views on parenting?
Unfortunately Chomsky hasn't opined on parenting- nor has he shown any inclination towards any parenting style to my knowledge. With reference to Bob's assumption that atheism makes him pro-abortion, being an atheist doesn't make one pro-choice or pro-abortion. In fact, it's a tricky ground...

Is it legal to have an abortion at 26 weeks?
Depends on where you are located. Most places prohibit elective abortion at 24 weeks (and some even earlier). There are some countries (Canada, for instance) and some states in the U.S. that do not have any time limits on abortion- however, most of these places do not have any providers,...

Is termination in cases of down syndrome an therapeutic abortion?
Yes it is an elective procedure. There have been many cases, however, where doctors said the baby would have defects and the baby was born healthy. Georgia- I'm a nursing student and just to clarify your answer, the fetus has a heartbeat at 6 weeks and some cerebral activity by 10 weeks, meaning...