Q: Are there any abortion clinics near runnymede New Jersey?

A:Please, i know i may be a complete stranger, but believe me i have done plenty of research on abortion, and experienced second hand from family the guilt that y...Read More »

Q: Where is there a free abortion clinic in New York City?

A:In NY State, you may qualify for state coverage for abortion. Contact your local family planning office or social services office for information on income leve...Read More »

Q: How much are abortions in new jersey

A:Not Medical Advice: At the South Jersey Women's Center, the cost of an abortion can range from $430-$630.Read More »

new jersey abortion clinics

Metropolitan Medical Associates - Englewood NJ. Quality medical care and abortions for women with privacy, dignity and confidentiality in a safe and caring .
Abortion Services and Family Planning, serving New Jersey for 35 years. Abortion Services - Contact us - Appointments - Payment Policy
South Jersey Women s Center abortion clinic in New Jersey, abortion clinic near Philadelphia and Delaware. Offering abortions, birth control, RU486, early .
Pilgrim Medical Center - private abortion clinic in NJ. Pilgrim Medical Center, Inc. is the private practice of our two Gynecologists with over 30 years of .
Options for Abortions is an abortion clinic in New Jersey. Reputable abortion clinics in NJ offering medical abortion, surgical abortion, and birth control.
Women s Choice Medical Center, Hackensack, New Jersey offering abortion services.
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What is the age of abortion in Nevada?
You are really in serious trouble but please don't think about abortion think about adoption i know it must hard for you but two months is too big for you to do it and more over abortion is wrong in the sight of God your stepdad should be in prison. you are so young Please when ever you have...

Partial abortion debate?!?
I'm doing a debate on abortion as well in my NUR360 course. Partial abortion is horrible, and illegal in most places. Bacially, my group is starting off with a poll- you can ask how many are anti-abortion or pro-choice and after the debate see how their opinions change with a conclusion poll...

How soon after an abortion can you have sex?
Medical Abortion - Wait two weeks Surgical Abortion - Wait four weeks You should be fine, as long as your partner washes himself well before hand and you have taken (are still taking) your whole course of antibiotics. Condoms are good but avoid spermicides while you are recovering. You have...

What do you think about the performance of aliza shvarts a yale art major about abortion??
Personally, I don't consider that "art" nor do I consider her to be an "artist."

Why do republicans want to perpetuate poverty by restricting abortions?
I don't think the perpetuation of poverty is the motivation, more like votes. Why don't both Democrats and Republicans get together and do something to reduce the number of abortions performed each year? Seriously, Planned Parenthood must not be all that effective if the number of abortions...