Q: What is the new abortion law in utah

A:A recent bill passed by UT House/Senate makes it a crime to intentionally induce miscarriage or illegal abortion. Bill is awaiting Governor's signature.Read More »

Q: New abortion law in Texas?

A:"Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them." Miranda vs. Arizona, 384 US 436, ...Read More »

Q: New abortion laws (foca)?

A:Yes, I've heard of that one. You either love it or hate it. . . not something too many are ambivalent about. I'm really kind of wondering about that "owning you...Read More »

Q: New Abortion Law in Oklahoma

A:Abortion has always been a controversial issue. Most people I know have pretty strong feelings on one side or the other. Thus, not surprisingly there are issues...Read More »

Q: Could New Abortion Law Hurt Patients?

A:Critics say the law could keep doctors from giving vital information to women. 01:52 04/29/2010Read More »

new abortion laws

have constructed a lattice work of abortion law, codifying, regulating and.New York, NY 10038.OVERVIEW OF STATE ABORTION LAW (PAGE 1 OF 2).
Alabama s restrictive new abortion law has created a strange job: fetus attorney. The law allows judges to appoint attorneys to represent fetuses .
Arizona s governor signed an extreme abortion restriction bill on Monday, which women s health advocates say effectively writes medical .
New York abortion laws are less restrictive than those in many other states, which often impose long waiting periods, consent requirements, strict facility codes, .
New GOP state legislatures will make access to abortion harder than ever. Arkansas, for instance, already has strict anti-abortion laws.
Most policy has been focused on the state level with new laws that have forced many clinics offering abortion to close. The measures have .
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New abortion restrictions in Texas?
It passed the committee hearing. I think it now has to go through the House and Senate.

Is there anyway I can get an abortion pill without going to the doctors?
Please consider the gravity when you stick your penis in her. Considering you have to talk to your parents I doubt you are of legal age. If you cannot even properly manage birth control I doubt you should be prodding I managed to get a pretty good grasp on taking a little pill daily orally...

Can u get an abortion at 20 weeks of pregnancy?
I'm not sure. I think you need some medical reason to make an abortion that late. Like the pregnancy is threatening your life or if there is something very, very wrong with the baby.

What to expect with a surgical abortion?
I am so sorry that this happened to you and I hope you can get past this hard time. I think you are right to have an abortion rather than having a child who would always remind you of this painful experience. And how would the child feel, if he or she found out? (Adopted children can find out...

Medical vs. Surgical abortion?
I had to have an abortion following an ectopic pregnancy so the procedures are different. What I can tell you is that with the surgical abortion (similar to what I had), I was put under so I didn't feel anything, I had minor cramping following, I had minor bleeding, and I went to my regular...