Q: Anti-abortion folks: What do you think of the Nebraska law?

A:Laws are always subject to judicial interpretation and consideration of the circumstances. I mean, if a case warrants an abortion then do it but unfortunately, ...Read More »

Q: What Is the Lemon Law in Nebraska?

A:According to the Nebraska Lemon Law, a car must be less than one year old, purchased in Nebraska, and under warranty to qualify as a lemon. You must also have b...Read More »

Q: What Is the Law on Abortion in the UK?

A:Before the Reformation, abortion cases in Britain were dealt with by the Catholic Church's Ecclesiastical Courts. Following the Reformation, however, abortion p...Read More »

Q: What are Nebraska's weird laws?

A:persons with gonorrhea may not marry - it is illegal to fly a plane while drunk - if a child burps during church, his parents may be arrested - it is illegal fo...Read More »

Q: What is the latest you can have an abortion in nebraska?

A:You cant get an abortion after twenty weeks because then it becomes murder, as the cells get a heartbeat and start turning into a human.Read More »

nebraska abortion laws

Under Nebraska law, a physician may not perform an abortion on a woman until at least 24 hours after counseling the woman on the risks of abortion, the risks of .
Abortion facts for Nebraska.Abortion is a common experience: At current rates, about one in three American women will have had an abortion by the time she .
Chart providing details of Nebraska Abortion Laws.
States Pass Record Wave Of Anti-Abortion Laws.Inspired by a contentious Nebraska law, abortion opponents in five other states have won passage of .
Nebraska was the first state that enacted a law banning abortion at 20 weeks. Now, a woman who suffered the consequences of that policy is .
The Nebraska law grew out of a battle over abortion waged in a far different forum. After an abortion opponent killed Dr. George R. Tiller, .
Two measures putting new restrictions on abortion became law in the midwestern state of Nebraska yesterday, including one that critics say .
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