Q: Why did the Nazis criminalize abortion?

A:They didn't; abortion was already illegal in Germany before the Nazis came to power. However, they did increase the penalties for it, especially when it came to...Read More »

Q: Did the Nazi invent abortions?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. no abortions go back to the ancient Egyptians and probably before that. It was d...Read More »

Q: Why do liberals use Nazi logic on abortion?

A:If men want to legislate women's reproductive lives, then we women should also get to legislate theirs. When males hit puberty they should all have vasectomies,...Read More »

Q: In Nazi Germany was abortion legal?

A:We now turn to Nazi abortion policy. As we have seen, there had been agitation throughout the Weimar period to liberalize/legalize abortion. This resulted in a ...Read More »

Q: Is the way abortion is justified similar to how nazi's justified ...

A:Just like you satan himself reads scripture but cannot understand it. You can understand the words but not the meanings - that is quite obvious to all Christian...Read More »

nazi abortion

In Nazi Germany, the penalties for abortion were increased again. In 1943, providing an abortion to an "Aryan" woman became a capital offense. Abortion was .
The Nazis and Abortion THE CLAIM One major Pro-Choice claim is that the Nazis were.Since the Nazis were evil, and they were anti-choice, then whoever is .
Linking Abortion and Nazism is a common anti-abortion pro-life slogan to compare the relation of ideas on what constitutes a human life found .
Hitler and Abortion. When the Nazis came to power in 1933 one of the first acts Hitler did was to legalize abortion. By 1935 Germany with 65 million people was .
and on access to legal abortion. During. World War H special courts in Vichy France and Nazi Germany were authorized to impose the death penalty for the .
Comparing abortion to the Jewish holocaust : "Pro-lifers" like to compare abortion to the Jewish Holocaust and their pro-choice rivals to the Nazis. One example .
This paper concerns abortion and eugenics in Nazi Germany but it is first necessary to explore abortion and eugenics in the United States, and in Weimar .
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Where is there a location of an abortion clinic in alberta where they can put you to sleep?
I'm not trying to judge you, but please listen to me. Please please do not get this abortion. There is a baby in your womb, not just a blob of cells. Did you know that just 18 days after conception, your baby has a heartbeat? Your baby is a gift from God. If you feel that you can't take care...

Why is the abortion time limit here in the UK so high (23 weeks and 5 days)?
Here in America there is no limit, a woman can get an abortion till the time of birth. Why? Because lots of politicians are Pro-Choice, therefore not listening to Pro-Life pleas. I don't know much about UK politics but even if you have technology to keep a 7 week fetus alive you'll still hear...

POLL : Do you know a Female Celebrity who got an Abortion because they dont want kids?
Ava Gardner had 2 abortions. I agree though, Paris Hilton and K. Kardashian are two among many celebrities who should never have kids...

Would liberals be more accepting of the death penalty if we just started calling it "Very Late Term Abortion?"?
Equivocation fallacy: "Would liberals be more accepting of the death penalty if we just started calling it "Very Late Term Abortion?"" Abortion procedures apply to termination of pregnancies, not living prisoners who are condemned by the state. Your comparison is not only illogical, it's also...

Why are all anti abortion pictures misleading?
It is because we live in a society that is run by men and they keep us off balance with lies and bright shiny objects. Do yourself a favor and keep learning the truth about the things you are curious about.