Q: Does my boyfriend want me to have an abortion?

A:you must talk openly and seems.he is re-living what he has already been through.....i don't think he wants you to have an abortion ....just g...Read More »

Q: My boyfriend wants me to have a abortion ?

A:Two wrongs don't make a right (as the old saying goes) and I pray you won't compound your problems by making another wrong decision about your future. Yes, it w...Read More »

Q: What if my boyfriend wants me to have a abortion?

A:I think that you need to think about why your boyfriend wants you to have an abortion. He probably doesn't want to accept the responsibility of the life he has ...Read More »

Q: Both my ex and my current boyfriend want me to have an abortion, ...

A:at the end of the day it is you desicion on whether you want this baby or not, they are both just saying that because they are scared of the responsibility,you ...Read More »

Q: If I found out I'm pregnant and my boyfriend wants me to abort it...

A:If your boyfriend wants you toRead More »

my boyfriend wants me to have an abortion

Since up to the last day I talked to now my ex boyfriend, he still tried to convince me to have an abortion. Thanks everyone! You guys really .
im 28 yrs 6 weeks pregnant he had came in me and had told me if u get pregnant were gonna keep it.he went on vacation last week .
I m new too this but just really needed some advice. my boyfriend of two years doesn t want to have our child, he says we re not prepared or .
You may also want to read 10 reasons not to have an abortion.My boyfriend pressured me but I knew that no matter what even if I gave her .
Whatever your reason, you do not have to get an abortion.My boyfriend pressured me but I knew that no matter what even if I gave her up for .
My boyfriend pressured me but I knew that no matter what even if I gave her up for adoption at least she would be alive. … I didn t want my mom .
Given that 3 out of 10 women in the U.S. will have an abortion by age 45, says. Even your partner in it has a totally different experience.The funny thing is that my abortion made me realize that I do want to be a mother.
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Please any one help me??? :(?
No abortions are free. They usually cost around $300.00. Sorry.

Does Abortion hurt women?
What should you do? You should be supportive of whatever decision she makes. Quite frankly, your time to "do" something about it is already past. Now it is in her hands. Abortion is simply not your call, one way or the other. Abortion may not hurt her physical health, but it may affect her...

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Keep in mind that while Republicans profess opposition and Democrats profess support, in reality people who are opposed to abortions tend to have more of them than people who support them, because they are less likely to use contraceptives and thus more likely to have unplanned pregnancies...