Q: Treatment for missed abortions?

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Q: What is meant by a missed abortion?

A:Answer Abortion is the medical term for the end of a pregnancy whether it is natural as in a miscarriage, or medically/surgically induced. For a missed abortion...Read More »

Q: Why do Catholic hospitals forbid abortion but allow fertility tre...

A:The Catholic Church's stance is against IVF. . In summary, the Catholic Church condemns as gravely evil acts, both IVF in and of itself, and stem cell research ...Read More »

Q: Can any one suggest good doctor, who is expert treatment after se...

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Q: What is the treatment for abortion?

A:By the question I'm assuming you're considering abortion. Please just let me tell you though. it's not the best choice. No matter what the situation, no baby sh...Read More »

missed abortion treatment

Treatment & Management: Early Pregnancy Loss.It included subjects with the following diagnoses: missed abortion (with or without a fetal .
OBJECTIVE: To compare the efficacy of two routes of misoprostol administration ( oral and vaginal) for treatment of missed abortion. METHODS: Two hundred .
No specific treatment is usually needed during the first 7 to 14 days.In cases of an incomplete miscarriage, empty sac, or missed abortion there are three .
In the United States the comparable concept involves management of incomplete abortion, and complications include retained tissue, hemorrhage, and infection .
Background: Missed abortion refers to the clinical situation in which an intrauterine.Medical Care: Although missed abortion has been treated surgically in the .
Missed abortion or miscarriage — A missed abortion refers to a miscarriage in which the fetus has died prior to 20 weeks gestation, but neither the fetus nor the .
Success of medical management did not vary by gestational age, but did differ by type of EPF: 93% for incomplete/inevitable abortion, 88% for .
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Im 17 weeks, My Boyfriend wants me to have an abortion?
are you the boyfriend writing this? because your pic is a male. its confusing. but if you are a female whose preg then its not his choice. its yours. even if that means you have to leave him.

Is it normal to pass blood clots of this size after an abortion?
Passing clots is normal but if you think the clots are too big you should call the clinic you had the abortion at

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Exactly how is an abortion done after 24 weeks?
I won't go into the details but it is pretty morbid. I am a physician and I personally would not like to carry out such a procedure. I support both birth control and early abortion but at 24 weeks, I am convinced that they experience pain. I don't advocate abortion but in many instances it...

Do you know what the procedure is for partial birth abortion?
Yes, I am familiar with the technical procedure. It is ghastly! I am GLAD GLAD GLAD that the Supreme Court finally had the moxie to stand up to Planned (non)Parenthood and the Abortion Mills and their lobbiests, and upheld the ban on this procedure. How can a culture argue that it is inhumane...