Q: Where are late term abortions legal?

A:Due to the mothers health is legal in every state. The definition of late terms abortions are not clear though so you have to call and ask in your state (like p...Read More »

Q: Where are late term abortions legal?

A:no if you want a abortion dont do it, you are killing a life that is inside you, it is a baby you would be killing, i will pray for you so u make the right choi...Read More »

Q: What's it like to get a late-term abortion?

A:I can't answer from personal experience, but the website for Dr. Hern's clinic in Boulder has an informative description of the process here: More »

Q: Why late term abortion?

A:Though the procedure has had a low rate of usage, representing 0.17% (2,232 of 1,313,000) of all abortions in the United States in the year 2000, according to v...Read More »

Q: What is consitered late term abortion?

A:Hi Lynea, Some states allow abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy and others restrict it to "fetal viability" which in practice means about 22 weeks. However, ve...Read More »

late term abortion definition

Definition[edit]. A late-term abortion often refers to an induced abortion procedure that occurs after the 20th week of gestation. Definition - Incidence - Reasons - Legal restrictions
late-term abortion. Post-viability abortion Medical ethics Any abortion performed after the fetus would be viable if delivered to a nonspecialized health center.
The sentence now reads “There are different definitions of what constitutes a “late term abortion,” but most definitions refer to abortions at or
There is no medical definition for when an abortion becomes "late term," though many sources place the line at after the 20th week of gestation.
How is late-term abortion defined? “Late-term abortion” is an inexact medical term that has been used in reference to induced abortions in the 3rd trimester of .
Late-term definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!
Though most states have restrictions against late-term abortions, two states moved bills this week that would make those restrictions tighter.
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Why is abortion wrong?
Abortion is not wrong. In fact, your god aborts nearly 25% of all babies which is way more than the percentage of pregnancies that end in human-caused abortion. Doctors call it a miscarriage. The only thing that's wrong with abortion is when conservative puppets of the religious right attempt...

Reasons why abortion should be legalized?
Before all you people start flaming me for my answer, know that I am a religious person and personally opposed to abortion, but I am open-minded enough to accept that not everyone shares my viewpoint. Personally, I think once you're pregnant the choice is made for you. Don't want to get pregnant...

Surgical abortion after bleeding abortion comments, idc for them they're annoying?
If you bleed for over 4 weeks, see your gp - they will probably want to do an ultrasound to confirm there are no retained products. It sounds horrible, but sometimes a bit of pregnancy tissue can be left behind and cause further bleeding. If the bleeding gets heavier, or you get cramping -...

Can an OBGYN prescribe the Plan B Abortion pill?
The Plan B abortion pill is now available over the counter for women 18 and older. Info on the regular birth control pill is relevant to Plan B, since the Plan B pill uses the same hormones and steroids as the regular pill, but at a much higher dosage. The birth control pill is used by over...

What is the procedure for early abortion?
Under 8 weeks you can have a medical abortion, which is two pills. It basically causes you to have a miscarriage. You have to take the first pill at the clinic, and the second one when you get home. This type of abortion is non-invasive and the recovery is faster. Good luck.