Q: Is obama for abortions?

A:Mr. Obama, is a supporter of abortion rights, during the primaries in states like New Hampshir...Read More »

Q: Is Obama for abortions?

A:He is 100% PRO CHOICE which in the eyes of GOD is that Obama is someone who personally agrees with a baby being aborted. Gods Word tells us clearly..."Let your ...Read More »

Q: Is Obama for abortion?

A:Look at his voting record in the U. S. and Illinois State Senates. He has repeatedly voted AGAINST any legislation that would prohibit "partial-birth" abortion,...Read More »

Q: Will obama be aborted?

A:It would be very difficult to abort Barack Obama, he is no longer a fetus. Are you speaking of another Obama? ...Read More »

Q: Is President Obama for abortions?

A:He is for the woman's right to her own body and for her to have the choice to have an abortion or not. It's called pro-choice not pro-abortion.Read More »

is obama for abortion

2012 Presidential Candidate Barack Obama on Abortion. Nov 8, 20162016 Presidential Election
Like it or not, President Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion advocate to ever hold the nation s top executive office. This, of course, should have come as no .
Compare Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on Abortion.Profiles.Issues. Nov 8, 20162016 Presidential Election
[edit]. In his write-in response to a 1998 survey, Obama stated his abortion position as conforming with the .
Wade, President Obama said Thursday that he is “deeply committed to protecting this core constitutional right” of abortion, and he criticized .
The Obama administration on Tuesday threatened to veto the GOP-backed bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks, calling it a “direct challenge” to .
Wade s anniversary comes amid a broader battle over abortion.President Obama on Wednesday marked the 41st anniversary of the Roe v.
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Abortion:Constitutional Rights for the Unborn?
The unborn should have no more rights than the dead! If they do have rights, then let's start locking up every pregnant woman who smokes, takes a drink, drives too fast or eats fattening, unhealthy food. The right wing wackos are always crying about how they hate big government, yet they want...

When is it too late to get an Abortion?
Here is the information for the US. Check the link, it is a nice table that summarizes laws by state quite nicely. The second link is a table devoted entirely to late-term abortions. It is very informative. Except for life or health endangerment, abortions can be performed up to 20 weeks in...

What are non-religious reasons to oppose abortion?
You don't have to be "religious" be opposed to abortion. There are plenty of people who oppose it because it ends an innocent human life. That has nothing to do with religion.

Does anyone know anything about abortions in Virginia?
Virginia law calls for a minor to obtain parental consent for an abortion. Having a child doesn't mean the end of your goals. I went to college with a 2 year old and a 9 month old. It can be done. If you absolutely feel you cannot love and raise this...

What sort of circumstance would have to occur in order to get a late-term abortion?
Are you asking about legality or about a woman's choice? In most states and countries, elective late-term abortion is banned- the only way you can access it is to have some sort of complication with the pregnancy- severe fetal anomaly, for example, or a threat to the life or health of the...