Q: Is abortion wrong or right?

A:I don;t think it's wrong. It is wrong to just have unprotected sex all over the place because you know that if you get pregnant you will just abort it. However,...Read More »

Q: Is abortion wrong or right and why?

A:No. Abortion is right or wrong for a particular person under particular circumstances. Some people believe that abortion is always wrong, and they certainly are...Read More »

Q: Is Abortion Wrong Or Right?

A:It is easy to moralise for a safe distance, it's easy to make decisions when you are not pregnant, it's easy to criticise and devalue the actions of women when ...Read More »

Q: Abortion........Wrong or Right ?

A:Abortion in my eyes is 100% wrong. Its murder of a tiny precious life that so many woman want but are unable to have. These losers that get pregnant an then abo...Read More »

Q: Abortions right or wrong?

A:That is up to the individual. You have to make your own opinion, there is no easy answer. Pro-lifers think it's wrong, often based on religion, and the pro-choi...Read More »

is abortion wrong or right

So please read the top 10 reasons why abortion is wrong and must be.In short, the remaining ethical barriers that preserve human dignity and God s rights in .
Debate about whether or not abortion is wrong. Voice your.has the right to kill it .Women should have the right to choose whether or not to kill two-year-olds! Likes: Least to Most - Likes: Most to Least - Created: New to Old
If we conclude that abortion is not morally wrong, that doesn t mean that it s right to have an abortion- we need to ask whether having an abortion is the best thing .
Abortion is an extremely controversial topic, and I believe that women should be .I am not a judge, and cannot decide for another person if it is right or wrong.
"A Wrong, Not a Right: An Atheist Libertarian Looks at Abortion" was published in Rampart Individualist, Vol. 1, No. 4, Fall 1983, as part of "Abortion: Two .
Is abortion right, whether it is legal or not? Or is it wrong? A sin? Even murder? Or is it just another choice? And whichever side you come down .
Yes, abortion is wrong. The Lord has said, "You shall not.If it is human in nature and alive, then you do not have the right to abort it. If you say it is alright, why is .
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I'm curious about laws regarding abortion in PA?
What is the age of a minor in Pennsylvania? You are considered a minor (someone who is not an adult) if you are 17 years or younger. This is a legal status that lawmakers created for your protection. We want you to be informed because being a “minor” affects your right to information and services...

Is abortion legal and should it be legal?
Yes it is legal in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, China, Mongolia, North Korea, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Tunisia, Romania, Moldova, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, Finland...

Is doing abortion a dangerous operation?
Within 3 months (before 12 weeks) it is not very dangerous at all, in fact it is safer then child birth. If you were before 9 weeks pregnant you would be able to take the medical abortion which is just a pill, but you will likely have to have a surgical abortion now which is more expensive...

Can u die from an abortion?
this occurs rarely when an improperly trained provider performs the abortion. Or you go to a bad facility. As an example, do not drive to mexico and get a back ally abortion, those have higher rates of death and infection than an abortion performed at your local hospital. overall, when done...

Abortion Facts?
Example of what you'll find in included links... Eight-week pre-born baby At eight to nine weeks the eyelids have begun forming and hair appears. By the ninth and tenth weeks the preborn child sucks her thumb, turns somersaults, jumps, can squint to close out light, frown, swallow, and move...