Q: Is abortion the right choice?

A:Please please don't get an abortion. If you do that it will be in your conscience for the rest of your life. Do you have any relatives and/ or friends who could...Read More »

Q: Is abortion the right choice?

A:I am 24, my boyfriend is 23, and we've recently found out I'm 6 weeks pregnant. We have a loving relationship of 2+ years, and do plan on staying together. Howe...Read More »

Q: Does a 16-year-old's parents have the right to make her have an a...

A:Parents and Forced Abortion. In general the laws governing abortion are implemented by states, although there are federal statutes that might apply in this case...Read More »

Q: When did the term "Pro-Choice" turn into "Pro-Abortion Rights"

A:Generally, people from the opposing side and radicals from the pro side use the term "pro-abortion. The rest of the issue is more complex, but these are politic...Read More »

Q: Does a 16 year old's parents have the right to make her have an a...

A:The choice is all up to the pregnant female, even as a minor.Read More »

is abortion the right choice

The Right Choice : A true, personal story from the experience, I Had An Abortion. This is my story, its alittle long but this was the most difficult decision of my life!
What is frequently missing from the conversations about abortion is the real words of women and.My choice to have the abortion was right for me at the time.
Whether you re thinking about having an abortion, you re helping a woman decide if abortion is right for her, or you re just curious about abortion, you may have .
please dont think surgical is the easy choice, allthough some.and i know the right decision for our family is a abortion.but it was still a hard .
My first abortion was right after my child was born in 2001.I made the choice to terminate my pregnancy and was glad that I had access to safe, caring, and .
He thinks the smarter choice would be to have an abortion, which part of.age) I had to get parental consent which my mom out right said no.
Abortion: It Was the Right Choice for Me. Anonymous. headshot. During my time in foster care, I have lived in several homes with teen parents. The most .
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This is a very difficult question, which is why there is so much debate about it. First of all, I am prochoice. I am a single man without children, a medical professional, and I have met Sarah Weddington (lawyer who defended the case for prochoice). Secondly, this is not a debate of whether...

Did people know that countries with the most liberal abortion laws have the fewest number of abortions?
It's simple: abstinence only education doesn't work, and people need access to birth control. Do these two things and the abortion rate will go down. It doesn't have to be banned for the rate to decrease.

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Isn't this your homework time. just for the sake of argument.

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Which country has no abortion? Even nun monasteries have abortions as evidence of buried unborns were revealed when certain old monasteries were demolished. Have you heard of Saudi Arabia? They have abortions! How about Iran? They have abortions!...