Q: Is Abortion safer than childbirth?

A:Yes, there is a much higher risk of death to give birth than there is to terminate a pregnancy. No, rape is not safer than sex. No, stealing is not safer than b...Read More »

Q: Is abortion safer than childbirth?

A:Yes. Getting a legal abortion, performed by a doctor, is safer than giving birth. Women are 14 times more likely to die during childbirth than during an abortio...Read More »

Q: Is abortion safer than childbirth?

A:Researchers with STAKES, a part of Finland's National Research and Development Center for Welfare and Health, compared death records for Finnish women to hospit...Read More »

Q: Isn't abortion safer than childbirth?

A:Planned Parenthood's website claims that there are 8.9 deaths per one million abortions performed after 20 weeks gestation, whereas maternal mortality is 12.1 p...Read More »

Q: But isn't abortion safer than childbirth?

A:Pro-abortion people commonly say that it is. "Maternal mortality" is listed as deaths of women per 100,000 pregnancies. This figure has been commonly listed as ...Read More »

is abortion safer than childbirth

Pro-abortion activists have long tried to claim that abortion is safer than childbirth. For years they ve touted manipulated numbers, trying in vain .
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Getting a legal abortion is much safer than giving birth, suggests a new U.S. study published Monday.
OBJECTIVE: To assess the safety of abortion compared with childbirth. METHODS:.CONCLUSION: Legal induced abortion is markedly safer than childbirth.
A new study by pro-abortion advocates concludes that abortion is safer for women than carrying a child to term and giving birth.
Abortions are considered high-risk, but new data suggest that the procedure is considerably safer than childbirth. By Bonnie Rochman .
Abortion advocates (especially abortionists themselves) like to repeat the soundbite that abortion is safer than child birth. This is untrue .
key refrain of the anti-choice movement when she admitted that abortion is safer than many common medical procedures, including delivery.
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