Q: Is abortion legal in spain?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. yesRead More »

Q: When was abortion legalized in spain?

A:It was legalized under some circumstances in 1985. In 2010, abortion was fully legalized through the 14th week of pregnancy. On the other hand, Franco thought i...Read More »

Q: What is legal in spain abortion, gay marriage, civil unions, poly...

A:Everything except poligamic marriages!Read More »

is abortion legal in spain

[edit]. Alberto Ruiz-Gallardуn, Minister of Justice for the . Overview - Second Spanish Republic - Organic Law 9/1985 - Organic Law 2/2010
Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy drops plans to limit abortion to cases of rape or where the mother s health is at serious risk.
Government fails to reach consensus over making abortion illegal except in. Spain s prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, said it would have been .
Abortion has been legal in Spain since 1985. As of 2010, under Josй Luis Rodriguez Zapatero s socialist government, the law allowed .
Also information on family planning clinics and emergencu contraception in Spain.Please be aware that a new law has come into effect which allows abortion .
For the moment the 2010 abortion law giving women the right to an his vociferous determination to abolish legal abortion in Spain.
Abortion has been legal in Spain since 1985, and its accessibility was widened in 2010, under the then-socialist government. But three years .
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