Q: Are abortions legal in Arizona?

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Q: Is abortion legal in Arizona?

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is abortion legal in arizona

Arizona law requires that women under 18 years old seeking an abortion must either have the notarized written permission of one of their parents/legal guardian .
On Monday, September 12, 2012, new restrictions on abortion care went into effect as a result of bills passed by the legislature and signed into law by the .
Abortion facts for Arizona.requirements for minors, limitations on public funding, and unnecessary and overly burdensome regulations on abortion facilities.
Over 40 Arizona statutes address abortion in some way, although not all are directly regulating abortion. Some of these laws are unenforceable or have been .
PHOENIX — Once again, Arizona finds itself on the frontier of anti-abortion legislation: Late Monday, it became the first state to pass a law .
Arizona s Republican governor, Doug Ducey, said on Monday he has signed into law a controversial measure blocking women from buying .
ARIZONA STATE LAW: A new law was passed in Arizona that requires you to meet with the Doctor at the office at least 24 hours prior to obtaining an abortion.
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