Q: What is the law of abortion in ireland?

A:it is illegal unless the mothers life is at riskRead More »

Q: Why is Abortion not allowed in Ireland?

A:There is now abortion in Ireland under very limited circumstances, mainly to save the life of the mother. This is one result of a 2012 case where a Hindu woman,...Read More »

Q: What are the laws on abortion in Ireland?

A:Abortion in Ireland Availability: Strict conditions Gestational limit: No set limit Conditions: Allowed only allowed if woman's life is at risk (including the r...Read More »

Q: How easy is it to get an abortion in Ireland?

A:It isn't. Abortion is banned in Ireland, there are very limited circumstances in which one can be obtained but the life of the mother must be danger, it's such ...Read More »

Q: How can a resident of Ireland get an abortion?

A:Why do you think I'm from Ireland?Read More »


Abortion in Ireland is illegal unless it occurs as the result of a medical intervention performed to save the life of the mother. The availability of abortion services . History - Law - Public opinion - Irish women seeking abortions.
Abortion is against the law in Ireland unless the pregnancy endangers the life of the woman. If you decide to terminate your pregnancy, you will have to travel to .
The UN body expressed concern at restrictive provisions of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act and criticised the discriminatory impact of Irish abortion .
A high court judge in Belfast ruled that the commission could seek a review of the abortion law in Northern Ireland. Terminations are only .
A proposed change to the abortion law to legalise terminations in fatal foetal abnormality cases is rejected by the Irish Parliament (Dбil).
What is the law on abortion in Ireland? Abortion is illegal in Ireland, except where the pregnancy endagers the mother s life. This includes the risk of suicide.
Information and advice about medical abortion and the abortion pill from Marie Ireland on (01) 830 0630 for more information about medical abortions.
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