Q: What is Humphrey's 11 for?

A:When your period is gone for other reasons than pregnancy. There's a misconception it can be used in abortion.Read More »

Q: What is humphreys 11?

A:Dr. Humphreys' delayed menses remedy (Humphreys' 11) claims to provide safe, gentle relief for menstrual symptoms such as cramps, backache, anxiety, mood change...Read More »

Q: What is humphrey 11?

A:Humphrey's 11 is a Safe & effective Homeopathic Natural menstrual symptom remedy.Read More »

Q: What is humphrey 11?

A:This is a medication that forces a woman to get her periodRead More »

Q: Where can you get humphrey's 11?

A:You can buy it at,,, and Rite Aid Pharma...Read More »

humphreys 11 abortion

Humphrey s "11" 6 tabs every 2 hrs -(Black Cohosh, Wind Flower, Sepia) Were you successful in using the herbs? Yes Would you try herbs .
yes u can use humphrey 11 for solving the purpose.otherwise take abroma radix-3x four drops in one cup of water thrice daily for 5 days.
Women can purchase Humphreys #11, a homeopathic medicine.The plant has been used worldwide to induce abortion, according to the .
While it sounds far fetched, herbal, DIY herbal abortion is shockingly routine. Humphrey s #11 is the brand name of a pill that, according to the .
Humphrey 11 does not induce abortion/miscarriage. What it does is making the cervix soft. That is how it s used to get your period back. When having a medical .
The word abortion was never used. One whisper stuck in my head. "go to the pharmacy off-campus and buy a bottle of Humphreys 11, take the .
She wanted to know if humphrey 11 can cause with an abortion because she does not want her parents to find out. If yes how much pills should .
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