how to make yourself have an abortion

A self-induced abortion (or self-induced miscarriage) is an abortion.This regimen has been shown to be up to 83% effective in terminating a pregnancy. Whoever put it in — perhaps the patient herself — found it trapped in the cervix and . Vitamin C megadosage - Henna - Misoprostol - Menstrual extraction
The earlier the pregnancy is the better the chances some methods have of working.Just because this is something you can do at home, doesn t make it safe or.It is difficult although not impossible to preform upon yourself, personally, . Herbal Abortion - Vitamin C - Self-Help - Herbal Emmenagogues - Pregnancy Test
So I just got done having sex but the guy cummed inside of me. How do I stop myself from getting pregnant? Any possible way??? I thought that .
It s my decision to abort/induce miscarriage and it s not an easy or casual.I have always been open minded and have now found myself in a .
How do you remove a one month pregnancy at home by yourself. quote | reply. #8 packen: So the earth, the planet earth, decided to abort him. quote | reply.
at home abortion, easy abortion , safe abortion, abort by yourself,.Naktae, yusan, imshin jungjeol, .
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Now that Karen Santorum is giving interviews is it time to "vet" her about her past with an abortion Doctor?
@ itsamimi - Me, too! I hated the people that were criticizing them about the baby they lost! What happens between a woman and her doctor is none of our business...

Has anyone seen the 180 Movie about abortion?
I am watching it right now. I will answer in full once I watch the whole movie. I just didn't want you to delete this before I got to answer. there is the link for anyone that wants to watch it. I will edit this in 33 minutes and 3 seconds. Edit:...

Why does God hate abortion, when he aborts us?
<> God does not abort us. <> I knew it. . . having NOT read further I can tell your demeanor has the flavor of an unbeliever. So be it. This physical temporal existence we're living right now. . . do you really think that's all there is? As long as one might live here, there's an eternal realm...

What do you think of Tim Tebows Anti abortion commercial ?
It was a lie. Tebow's mother was living in the Philippines when she was pregnant with him, and abortions were and still are illegal in that Catholic/Muslim country. She would have had to fly somewhere else - Hawaii or Australia - to dump her future quarterback. The ad itself was low key and...

Teen abortion state to state...?
There are many states that offer girls a "judicial bypass". This is where you go in front of a judge in juvenile court and tell them why you want an abortion. If the judge feels that you are mature enough to make that decision they will give you a court document waiving the parental consent...