how soon can i get pregnant after abortion

Although your menstruation may not come for several weeks after your abortion, you can ovulate (be fertile) at any time after the abortion. This means you can .
How Soon Can I Get Pregnant After an Abortion? A female can conceive right away after an abortion. Ovulation in female is a natural phenomenon that is .
Many women do not understand that they can get pregnant right after an abortion , as soon as 7-10 days after the termination of pregnancy. You can get pregnant .
I got pregnant after 1 month of being with my new boyfriend. After lengthy and emotional discussion upon discussion we decided we were not .
Sad question, but need answer.How soon after an abortion can I get pregnant?
Find out if having undergone an abortion could affect your ability to conceive. Find out how soon you can get pregnant after having a c-section. Does using a .
You can get pregnant as soon as two weeks after an abortion! Your body normally will go back to it s regular cycle, and release an egg (ovulation) at 2 weeks .
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You will need to see two doctors for this and most places offer compulsory counselling as well. This is a very important decision that will affect the rest of your life, so you need to be absolutely sure how you feel about everything before you go ahead. The process from seeking help to the...

Why is abortion an ethical dilemma?
1. Because for many religious and non-religious people, they think a fetus should be considered a human being like everyone else. And that abortions are murder. Scientifically speaking, the fetus isn't viable outside the womb which means it really shouldn't be considered a life. 2. I am pro-choice...

Have you had post abortion stress syndrome?
We all do things we regret! I had a friend once who decided to get an abortion. I was pregnant with my first child at the time and I told her that there would come a day when she would "want" a child and that her abortion would be one of the first things to come to mind. When you become pregnant...

Abortion question for paper?
You can have an abortion up until the time the baby is due. That is called partial birth abortion. It all comes down to a matter of legality and human rights. Many argue that partial birth abortions are protected by the case of Roe verses Wade. Twenty-six years ago the Supreme Court ruled...

I can't decide between abortion, adoption or even keeping the baby?
I think this is a decision you and your man need to make together. If you feel that only an abortion would be the way, that is your choice. I would, however, urge you to consider it VERY hard before you go through with it if you do decide that - it's not something you can take back, and it...