Q: How many abortions are in china and japan per year?

A:Japan: around 400 thousand/year. China: 13 million/year.Read More »

Q: How many abortions were performed in China in 2009?

A:13 million abortions a year are performed in China.Read More »

Q: How Many Abortions Can a Person Have?

A:Significance The earlier that an abortion is conducted, the safer it is for the patient. Chemical abortions--either conducted through the morning after pill, la...Read More »

Q: How many Buddhists are there in China?

A:I'm from China, but not a Buddhist, I can't provide you with exact statistics number, because I doubt whether our government has ever done that. But I do found...Read More »

Q: How many people are in China?

A:1,330,141,295 (July 2010 est. source: ry/publ.Read More »

how many abortions in china

Abortion in China is legal and is a government service available on request for. other place and are already produced in a large scale in China for many years. History - Statistics - Sex-selective abortion - Family planning
New data published by China s National Health and Family Planning Commission indicates that there are more than 13 million abortions .
It s difficult to know exactly how many abortions — voluntary or otherwise — have been performed in China to get everyone to comply with their .
In 2000, more than half of all abortions in China were a result of prenatal sex. which force many couples to choose between undergoing an unwanted abortion .
The Chinese government has justified the policy by estimating that.“Of these 336 million abortions, how many women were dragged out of .
Why China s one-child policy still leads to forced abortions, and always will. choose when, whether and how to actually enforce those policies.
The number of abortions performed in China each year tops 13.Many abortions are performed in unregistered clinics, according to Wu.
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