Q: Hills like White Elephants, Abortion or not?

A:I too am reading that story to write a paper, and I think she didn't get the abortion, but the problem with symbolism, is it is completely subjective; there is ...Read More »

Q: What social issues are relevant to "Hills Like White Elephants" o...

A:In typical Hemingway fashion, this short story leaves much room for interpretation and most critical details regarding character and plot unstated. Clearly, thr...Read More »

Q: Hemingway on HillsIs it documented that Hemingway ever said the H...

A:I have not found anything in which Hemingway comments on the issue of abortion and this story, but I can point you to a review along those lines. Here at eNotes...Read More »

Q: In Hills like white elephants why do they refrain to talk about t...

A:bcuz the girl(Jig) doesn't like it to be disscussed. To avoid the severity and harshness of the word ABORTION.Read More »

Q: In 'hills like white elephants,' would you say the girl had the a...

A:I would like to think that she didn't, but we discussed this in my class and the class decided to go with that she would have the abortion because the man wante...Read More »

hills like white elephants abortion

"Hills Like White Elephants" is a short story by Ernest " operation" which the man wants the woman to have, which is implied to be an abortion.
Although “Hills Like White Elephants” is primarily a conversation between the. which, although never mentioned by name, is understood to be an abortion.
Hills Like White Elephants Homework Help. Question:.dislike 1 like. The subject the man and the girl are discussing is that of an abortion.
Everything you ever wanted to know about Jig in Hills Like White Elephants,.as a victim of the man – a woman forced into having an abortion against her will.
"Hills Like White Elephants" does not tell a story in a traditional manner, and it. We have no clear ideas about the nature of the discussion (abortion), and yet .
Fighting For Feminism with a Fetus: "Hills Like White Elephants".the widely debated right to choose what she does to her body, referring to an abortion.
In the story, “Hills Like White Elephants,” Hemingway has two characters, the American and “Jig” that are obviously facing a possible operation, an abortion.
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