Q: What herbs cause abortions?

A:Ginger root, Tansy leaves, pennyroyal leaves, angelica root, Don't exceed the recommended doses; many of these emmenagogues can cause strong side effects. The d...Read More »

Q: What herbs cause abortions?

A:There are herbs that can cause miscarriages: Angelica/Dong Quai (helps relax uterus but read directions carefully and follow them to directly), Black Cohosh is ...Read More »

Q: Is it true that native Americans took a herb to cause them miscar...

A:There are several herbs that were used by Native Americans to induce abortion. *The Sioux used Calamus root *The Sanpoil used Yarrow *The Makah used Skunk Cabba...Read More »

Q: What Causes White Flies on Herbs?

A:Herbs with tiny, powder covered flies scattered on the undersides of leaves are infested with white flies. These flies are often referred to as "plant dandruff"...Read More »

Q: What herb causes euphoria?

A:atropa belladona Note: While Belladonna has been useful as medicine it has erroneously been used as a recreational drug for centuries, it is a very dangerous dr...Read More »

herbs that cause abortion

The first, is using certain herbs to induce miscarriage, also called herbal abortion. It is not a sure way to terminate pregnancy, and seems to work about 40-45% . Herbal Abortion - Vitamin C - Self-Help - Herbal Emmenagogues - Pregnancy Test
These herbs are so disgusting, that I really did not want to have to drink it. Luckily I didn t have to. These are the same herbs you can help to induce a full term .
It is important to know which herbs can cause miscarriage in pregnant women and animals. Some of these herbs may be safe in small amounts, but always use .
Here are various herbs that have been used for ages, find out how you can. Whatever the case, it s better to know how to cause a miscarriage with safe natural .
Herbal abortion methods work by giving your body a set of herbs that naturally induce a miscarriage. So when you have these herbs, it will be .
Learn the herbal remedies that are not safe during pregnancy.The remedy may not cause a miscarriage but it s contra indicated for early pregnancy and .
Importantly, you may want to think about whether you re prepared to get a clinical abortion of this method does not induce a miscarriage for you. The effects of .
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For those who are Pro-Choice, what would you think if you came face to face with a survivor of abortion?
I know a little boy who was supposed to have some type of syndrome where he was SEVERELY deformed. The doctors kept pressuring his mother to abort. She stood strong against them. They told her that he wouldn't live but a few hours, she still held her will. They even showed her the sonogram...

Is this legal (abortion)?
I believe there are laws regarding the disposal of "medical waste," which means the doctor must dispose of it in a certain prescribed manner. PS I believe "medical waste" is the legal definition, and i am not commenting on whether it is the right definition.

What are the Buddhist views on abortion and on teenage pregnancy?
Like everybody else, not all Buddhists agree. What the "official" policy is regarding abortion is that there is nothing wrong with abortion since a person does not become a person until after birth. To destroy a collection of cells which have no independent life is not considered as killing...

Can I have an abortion at 20 weeks?
Even if your baby has birth defects, that is still YOUR baby. You have carried that baby for 20 weeks, and you are bound to have some attatchment to him or her. The pain of raising a baby with disabilities will be nothing conpared with knowing that you killed your child because he or she wasn't...

Abortion laws in texas?
Jane's Due Process - For minors in Texas wanting to obtain an abortion without parental consent. Info if you need it . . . . If you go to a Planned Parenthood clinic that has a low-income program it can be as cheap as 100$. If you tells them you have no job,...