Q: Who is heather tom?

A:Heather Tom is an actress who currently portrays Katie Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful. SheRead More »

Q: How old is Heather Tom

A:Heather Tom was born on November 4, 1975 in Hinsdale, Illinois. She... ...MORE...Read More »

Q: When was Heather Tom born?

A:November 4 , 1975 in Hinsdale, Illinois, USARead More »

Q: Where is Tom and Heather located?

A:District of ColumbiaRead More »

heather tom abortion

Two-time Emmy Award winning actress Heather Tom (Victoria Newman on th. storylines involving abortion on daytime soaps such as Days Of Our Lives. Edit.
It s a boy for Heather Tom! The Bold and the.But, I m also a Pro-Life Obama supporter who just feels sad for her aborted child. I know that it .
One in three women has an abortion by the age of 45.People might be more understanding if I d had an abortion when I was.Heather, 32 Next: "That doctor gave me my. - My Abortion - New York Magazine - 12
Other Recent.Advertisement. Women Who had Abortions. Family Life --> Parental.Heather Tom. Actress. 50.0% (1 of 2 votes). 73. Romy Schneider. Actress.
Heather Marie Tom (born November 4, 1975) is an American actress. She is best known for her work on various soap operas. Her best known roles include .
Also Heather Tom (ex Victoria) announced she is pregnant!.saw the preview with bill adamant that she must get an abortion. scummy as he is .
Did heather tom have an abortion, thomson lose weight, thomson have a tummy tuck, her baby, heart surgery, baby yet, baby, a baby, give birth yet.
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