Q: If God hates abortion so much?

A:Great question! Not surprisingly, there isn't a single good answer.Read More »

Q: Christians only, does God hate abortion?

A:who cares what we think? it only matters what God thinks. "Thou shalt not kill" (exodus 20:13) "i call heavenand earth to witness this day against you that i ha...Read More »

Q: Why god hate fags?

A:god doesn't hate fags and you should probably ask yourself if god even exists and if you believe he does then ask yourself what religion follows the real god 10...Read More »

Q: What is hates the god of?

A:the god of the underworld where people go when they die (in greek mythology)Read More »

Q: Who is the god of hate?

A:Erida is Hate. She is Strife and Discord. There are many conflicting sources of informationRead More »

god hates abortion

The currette-type abortion is where the child is cut from the mother s womb with a .Proverbs 6:16-17 says that God HATES those who shed innocent blood!
There is not a more hideous evil on the face of the earth today than abortion. There is a woeful.Here is a powerful quote from the mighty man of God, and Bible teacher, M.R. DeHaan, M.D."Has it ever.God hates sinful pride. How can her .
According to God s Word, the Bible, life begins BEFORE conception.remember that if you are reading this and have had an abortion, God does not hate you!
Not looking for answers from those who don t believe in God of the Bible, Jesus Christ, (i.e. the Boston terrorists), just want to know what .
Franklin Graham told a large gathering of pastors on Thursday to address controversial issues from the pulpit, declaring that "God hates .
If God hates homosexuals as a group, why do you sometimes aim signs at individual people, not at the group? How can you.What are your views on abortion?
Have you ever wanted to come up with a good 1-2 punch from the Bible to help you win arguments about why God hates abortion? Well, now .
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Its sad but i still think its murder and i dnt think ppl should do it but if they didnt ppl especially teens would get desperate and harm themselves trying to abort, I read an article that showed ppl would insert sharp objects in the vagina or douche with bleach to kill the fetus and in turn...

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people call it a natural abortion BUT its also called a miscarriage. Basically your body is disagreeing with the pregnancy and is doing what it can to terminate it. thats a natural abortion(miscarriage). NO it isnt good because chances are that the next time you get prego it will happen again...