Q: Can goats abort their babys?

A:Sure, any animal can have a misscarriage or premature birth. Can be affected by moldy food or algae in drinking water, or a virus from a mosquito bite or who kn...Read More »

Q: Pygmy goat aborted.

A:I don't see any missed calls on my phone - 360-742-8310. . It is possible that stress along with low selenium levels could cause an abortion at what sounds lik...Read More »

Q: How to Treat Goat Stillbirth & Abortions.

A:In livestock, abortion is usually synonymous with miscarriage. Although a veterinarian can induce an abortion for the health of a pregnant female goat or anothe...Read More »

Q: Is my goat aborting her kids?

A:My advice is this - give her to someone who can look after her and who can take her to the vets when needed. "She might have been pregnant" - what do you mean; ...Read More »

Q: How do you abort a goat?

A:1) If the goat is 3 weeks or 4 weeks pregnant than it is possible abortion. 2) Give the goat water with butter 2 time in a day atleast 3 days continuosly than s...Read More »

goat abortion

UNP-79. ALABAMA A&M AND AUBURN UNIVERSITIES. Causes of Infectious. Abortions in Goats. Goat herds generally have a 2 to 5 percent abortion rate. Any.
This is a fairly common form of abortion in goats, but not so much as in sheep. The abortion will occur a little earlier than in Chlamydia. It is also .
Dealing with Abortions in Dairy Goat Herds. Paul J. Plummer, DVM PhD DACVIM (LAIM), Iowa State University. College of Veterinary Medicine. Abortions are a .
What is abortion? • Abortion is the result of a disturbance in the functioning of the afterbirth.Many conditions can cause abortion in sheep and goats. The most .
Abortion: expulsion of fetus before the normal end of pregnancy. : lambs may be dead.Most ewes no signs of abortion, not as common a problem in goats. 3.
Chlamydia is a common cause of infectious abortion in goats.Properly cook all goat meat and pasteurize all goat milk to be consumed, particularly that fed to .
For goats, the above is applicable with the following additions: abortions are generally late term but can occur at any point during gestation- abortions may occur .
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