Q: Feeling guilty after abortion.?

A:I saw this question and thought you were a chick who had aborted a perfectly fine baby and was prepared to tell you to go feel guilty for the rest of your life ...Read More »

Q: Why women feel guilty after abortion?

A:Women feel guilty after an abortion for a couple of reasons. First of all they just killed and took the life of an innocent baby that could have turned into a v...Read More »

Q: Does everyone feel guilty after an abortion?

A:No, not everyone. Everyone's situations are different. I say if you havent had any emotional trauma after a year, you probably wont.Read More »

Q: Do people feel guilty after having an abortion?

A:some women do, some women don't. just because women don't feel guilty, doesn't make them bad people. those who usually feel guilty were either unsure of their c...Read More »

Q: I dont feel guilty after having my abortion..?

A:i had an abortion my daughter was 1 i was alone i felt that if i carried on with the pregnancy my daughter could suffer i.e if i couldnt cope they could end up ...Read More »

feeling guilty after abortion

A woman may feel many different emotions after an abortion.You have no reason to feel guilty or ashamed for having an abortion and you . loss - self-blame - anger - regret
I Had an abortion 7 weeks ago now, I didnt want to do it.Its natural to feel guilty - you ve done something taboo because it isn t talked about .
Feelings of regret after abortion are rare. Indeed, the most common emotional response after abortion is relief. Transient feelings of guilt, sadness, or loss are .
She had her abortion after the birth of her youngest son.had made the right choice - and that overwhelmed any feelings of confusion or guilt.
Simply put, most women who choose abortion are going against their own moral codes, and this explains why they feel guilt afterward. And the guilt is what .
This occurs when the woman becomes pregnant soon after her abortion to make up.Guilt. Feelings of guilt are among the most common immediate as well as .
After all, smiling is a natural reaction to happiness, and I was to hear a woman say that she feels happy about her abortion, but I do.
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