Q: How to make a fake abortion paper?

A:hey dal. Im 17 years old and 25weeks tomorw. I advise you tell him the truth. You are clearly putting it in the wrong section. We are pregnant & Love our babies...Read More »

Q: How do i find fake abortion papers?

A:I got pregnant by my boyfriend, im 3 weeks pregnant & he now know. he is so happy to become a father. yes, im in love with him. but he is doing some illegal thi...Read More »

Q: How do i find fake abortion papers?

A:I was with my boyfriend, pregnant 3 weeks pregnant, and I know now. He is so happy to be a father. Yes, Im in love with him. But it illegal things, I fear, it h...Read More »

Q: How to Make a Fake Cockroach With Paper.

A:1. Practice sketching cockroaches on scrap paper until you have a design you like, which should include cockroach antennae and legs. Cockroaches have six legs, ...Read More »

Q: How to Make Fake Rust on Paper.

A:1. Paint your piece of paper with a layer of white paint to cover any marks on the paper. This also will provide a surface to apply the rusting effect. 2. Drizz...Read More »

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Affiliated Medical Services Abortion Clinic Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Private and confidential abortion clinic patient forms.
Update 3: i cant say i had a miscarriage cause he is going to ask why im not in the hospital. i need to fake the abortion papers. Update 4: no i .
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Anyone know anything about abortion scars?
You do not get any type of scar from an abortion. If you are trying to say she something about how she feels then you might want to change the wording. Also don't listen to all these people passing judgment. If this is in fact a serious question then I truly hope she is fine and there are...

Medicines or methods for abortion?
An unorthodox suggestion . . . . Provoke a period when you are due, it can even work if you are a bit late. You can do this by using Vitamin C. Take 12 grams of ascorbic acid - Vitamin C a day until bleeding commences. Specifically use ascorbic acid. Do not use vitamin C with bioflaviniods...

Who created abortion? Why? And how do they do it?
Abortions have been done as far back as recorded history goes. The ways to abort have changed. Most abortions in ancient times were done with herbs. Unfortunately, there weren't many ways known to stop the accompanying excessive bleeding. Herbs that did stop bleeding weren't always available...

What did Dorothy Day contribute to humanity?
Dorothy Day, initially Marxist, became Catholic in 1927. She was the co-founder in 1933 of the Catholic Worker movement, which espouses nonviolent action, and hospitality for the homeless, hungry and forsaken. The movement started with the Catholic Worker newspaper that she and Peter Maurin...

Do people really vote based on someone's stance on abortion?
I will base my vote on whether or not abortion is their main platform. There are more pressing problems in this country than if a woman can legally get an abortion.